Not To Piss Anyone Off.....

xploder - referring to where? You quoted my whole post.

well, ah’m gwinna git flamed…
wtf, here goes anyway…

check out what you just said there- you’re telling one person, in essence, that you have a problem with their thread (you don’t like it, I’m taking that to mean-thought I’d clarify that, since many here seem to retreat to a clinton-esque defense around here when they’re otherwise getting smeared). Then after some more shit, you go on to say that if they don’t like the threads, to quit reading them, and to not respond to them.

Excuse me?

I’m seeing a lot of this kind of ignorant shite from several members in the threads spoken of in this one. ya’ll got tons of advice on not being a puerile, spouting, antagonistic idiot, and you mostly spout it in a puerile, antagonistic way. And several of you who seem to be some of the oldest members seem to be especially bad about this.
Also, this puerile, antagonistic, one-sided spouttle?
well, as I hope I show above, you seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that your posts are very often chock full of the very type of thing you are violently railing against…
I said it before- I can see grein, grienspace, whatever the hell his handle is, just sitting back in his den, tossing out this or that little gem calculated to work you all up in a frothy froth, and by damn, it works! every fucking time!!! Jesus, I swear you must all have birthdays coming up…(Feb. 19–March 20)…:smiley:
And while it sure was fun for me, man, I’m starting to see why he does it!
IF you want to disagree with me, (have a hunch one or more of you might…he he), then go ask your mother, or someone who is as unbiased as you can come up with, someone you don’t know very well at all, and direct them to these threads, asking them to read them as objectively as they can, then ask them their opinion of your particular contributions.

no buddy, not fighting it. fucking propogating it, more like.

And that opera? well, it was kinda cute. but shit, given the context, the fact that it’s totally written for a clique (yes, clique-I don’t care how fuckin many members are in it- it’s still exclusionary, it’s still ‘us against you’- a clique), then all I got to say is- get a fuckin life.

here’s me, not expecting too much, if any, ‘non-ignorance’ to follow…

Ah, thank you xploder, somehow I honestly missed that thread, no idea how that happened.

And Crunchy, I’m sick of being the one everyone accuses of having minions, and posses, and slaves, and bunnies of argumental death. I’d like to be your minion if you don’t mind. Just so long as it doesn’t involve sex.

As in, I’m glad that YOU weren’t reffering to me! duh…


and he has yet to clearly explain himself in regards to his post to Upham, which blatantly looks like a trolling attempt. We just want an explanation, which he is not giving.

Ummmmmm…why should **HE[/b} reply to you about a post that was directed towards Upham? Also…although I would like an explanation in regards to the suspected trolling, wouldn’t it be more appropriate if **Upham{/b] asked for it?

There’s a few differences here. First, I didn’t start a brand new thread to say I don’t agree with this, which is what xploder did. Second, the grienspace thread has nothing to do with them, where as this thread is a direct result of a thread I was actively participating in. See how I feel involved then? If I wasn’t arguing with grien in that thread, I wouldn’t be here because it wouldn’t concern me. In essence, as a participant in the other thread, this OP is saying I shouldn’t post. So since I was involved there, I’m involved here, see what I’m saying?

Besides that, this OP made reference to people ganging up on grien which is brought up in grien’s Ban the Pit!!! thread - people ganging up on others. It’s the same thing only xploder words it in a way that shows he has a brain in his skull and has responded to posts coherently. If he had something to say along the same lines of the other thread, why not post it in that thread, where everyone is “ganging up” instead of opening a new thread?


Not quite mon frere. In this thread and in grien’s, while my language my have been coarse, I still debate the points at hand, as opposed to just spouting bullshit and dodging facts and questions.

Oh that’s brilliant. “Hey boss, while I’m slacking off at work, I posted this stuff, can you come over here and tell me what you think?”
You trying to get me fired? :stuck_out_tongue:


It was not written for a clique. Anyone who’s read grien’s thread will recognize why those names are in Fenris’ post. New people always think there’s a clique. Here’s the truth. I can’t hink of 5 threads where Fenris and I interacted. Same with oldscratch. In fact the first thread I can think of where oldie and I agreed on something was Zenster’s recent thread in IMHO about the wannabe mass murderer in CA. And I don’t think I’ve ever really interacted with Upham until this situation. We’ve never emailed each other. I saw oldie in #straightdope chat for about 5 minutes once. This is not a clique, we just have the same opinions on this subject.


Way to keep an open mind. I can see you’re already closed off to any rational discussion as your mind is made up.

oldscratch says:

Hey look! I have a minion! Woo-hoo! It’s not too late inor, join the Dark Side. Feel the Power of the Cabal!
(How much you wanna bet if grienspace comes back to that thread, he uses this as “proof” instead of seeing it as a joke?)

As I told grienspace when he said the same thing, he posted on a public board. When you post on a public board, you invite anyone who reads it to comment. If it was meant for Upham’s eyes only, he shouldn’t have posted it publicly.

Now here’s the posts in question, in the order they were posted, just to avoid confusion:

Note he does not provide an explanation.

All this took place on the 1st page. And as you can see, Upham did ask for an expalnation. The thread is on the 3rd page and grien has yet to answer Upham’s question or answer my response to his OP, which I did line-per-line, except to point out that I’m listed in oldie’s OP in the now closed Pit Bull thread.

Here’s a link to the thread in question if you’d like to see how debate was attempted:

let me preface the following with the following, please:
In my few days here, I have become a kind of twisted fan/anti-fan of gspace. I am not defending him, yet I have come to take a certain bent pleasure in his masterful manipulations on these boards. Sort of like maybe watching a fire burn down my trailer and really really hating the fact that it’s happening while all the while being entranced by the beauty of the flames…(wow, really nice, unintended phun there…)
I have dipped into your welcome newbies thread, and have come to admire your style, outside of the threads all being referred to in all these threads we’re referring to in um, this thread…
Indeed, I hope to post to that thread sometime in the next few days/before it gets closed off myself. I would like to get the BMN directive aimed at myself, I believe it would make me feel right to home.

Be that as it may, however, and the foregoing notwithstanding:

Clintonesqe- fact remains you told someone if they had a problem with a thread, to not read it (pretty silly advice on the face of it when you think about it- they s’posed to use thread telepathy to see whether or not they like it?) or respond to it, while in the same sentence you state you have a problem with this very thread that you are reading enough to respond to with the fact that you have a problem with it. The fact that x started a thread about this while you are simply responding is trivial- clintonesqe (I maybe shouldn’t use this term- I assumed you lived in the US and would click right away, my bad- should I explain it?) You are still doing the exact thing you are telling someone else they shouldn’t do.

I’m not sure whatyou are meaning by the term “them”, but I think I am getting the gist of the rest of this part-

Yes, and I pretty much agree, BUT, you still counter his argument with the very same argument.

Yes, I won’t argue with that. I also won’t argue with the fact that he/she can start their own related thread if they want to, much like oldscratch did with his spectacular ‘…murder…’ thread. He/she wanted to start another/different venue related to the previous thread. I see no reason to even bring up the point that he/she did so.

I disagree, mi brian. (not insulting there- just, given your handle, hoping you like the play on how you addressed moi above there…TIC, like you say in your newbie thread;)…((no, I’m not gay))
I stand by my earlier assertion.
And I can’t say your fucking coarseness bothers me all that fucking much, fuck you very much…

Sorry, I still like what I said, but I reckon you can’t do it- again, my bad.

Again, I stand by what I said- cliques are not defined by the length of time they exist- they are an alliance for whatever duration, long, or short. I agree with your statement that ya’ll have the same opinions on the subject, but the activity in those threads is definitely cliqueish.

You’re right, I am abashed, kind of…:smiley:

I AM the dark side. And I don’t really wanna feel your Cabal power- that’s icky for one, and for two, I got my own- Sears was having a sale! (k- now see if you get that reference…mr mp pants…)

While not retracting anyting I have said, and admitting a certain admiration for grienspace, I ain’t takin that bet.

Thank You Very Much, Thank You All.

First of all, inor, WTG on your post. You were right on for all points except the clique. There is no clique, simply a bunch of groups of people who are interrelated one way or another.

xploder, I’m with ya on this one. This is nothing new though. It’s a pretty old trend in the pit for people to get their jollies by flaming someone who is obviously nuts and won’t have a come back. It’s boring, it’s lame and it’s worn out. Frankly, I expect more from this board. I’ve seen it with plenty of other people. I can’t remember their names, but I know Phaedrus got the same, as well as that FreakFreely guy and that other nutball who left the board. Oh yeah, MagicalSilverKey, that’s his name. Anyway, you’re right on, don’t lose your resolve because some regs jump on you.


You’re trying to get an answer of of grienspace? Yeah, right. You know just as well as the rest of us that you are not going to get a rational answer from him! Christ, what will convince you of that? 13 more threads asking him the same question? Who gives a fuck what he meant when he said that someone makes it easy for him?

This line has been played out quite enough, don’t you think? Puhlease!

Please. Like anyone took that seriously. Who is sarcasm impaired now?

Get off your fucking high horse, Crunchy. Who the fuck are you to tell anyone not to waste server sapce, with your lame-ass newbie thread that you advertise in practically every thread you post to. Sheesh, you’re starting to remind me of Zenster and his fricken recipe thread.

Oh, now that’s mature! “Mom!!! *Bobby started it!**” Why don’t you grow up?

This was a great one:

Ok, so are you or aren’t you trying to fight ignorance here? It certainly seems like you’re not, so stop acting like a coward and hiding behind the facade of “fighting ignorance” (IMO, the lowest thing one can do on this board).

Get a life, loser.


Wull, thanks Dem

You made me go cross-eyed trying to read that. I hope you’re happy.

You’re missing my point. This thread is suggesting we leave grienspace alone. As one of those posters NOT leaving him alone, this is a suggestion that I stop posting to the threads I want to post to, which is why I’m posting here. Does that make sense? In a way, I have a stake in this thread as I feel I have the right to post where I want. The thread about grien does not harm them in any way, but a statement implying that I should stop posting (I know they didn’t say me specifically, but I am one of the people posting in the thread being discussed here) so I feel I have a stake and a reason for posting to this thread. The difference is, while I disagree with this thread, I do not tell him not to post his thoughts or opinions, which this OP implies we do.

I’m not going to argue the clique stuff as that’s been done to death. The join the Cabal stuff was a joke.

Now Demo has some words for me:

Does that make it any less relevant? Puhlease? That’s your argument. Well said.

You maybe, as you took my post there seriously.

For your information, I emailed Euty asking him to close the thread if he thought it took up too much space and should he close the thread I wouldn’t start another. Email Euty yourself and ask him if you want. This thread is the same shit grien was spewing about Pit Bullies, although said in a more intelligent manner.

This was in refernece to the fact that the only anti-grienspace flame thread that had been open (that I saw at the time) was Fenris and people there aren’t really flaming him. The problem was in a thread he started.
As for mature, this coming from a guy who so far has resorted to name-calling (loser and CrunchyBrat? I changed my name a while ago, try to keep up), the ever insightful puhlease, and bringing up threads that have no bearing here (my Welcome Wagon).

As if you fight ignorance with every post. I listed one thread of mine and one from IMHO, and suddenly I’m not here to fight ignorance. I’ve posted suspected ULs to debunk them, I’ve answered and asked questions in GQ, and I don’t have to defend my presence on the board to you. Who the fuck do you think you are calling me a coward and hiding behind the facade of “fighting ignorance” You two-face bastard, let’s take a peek at some of your great ignorance-fighting posts:

In smug’s thread Nebie-hian Rhapshody you post, “Smug, you never cease to amaze and delight your humble audience. Bravissimo!” Wow, there’s a thread that helps stomp out ignorance, and thanks to your insightful post I’ve learned so much!

kellibelli’s thread my cat hates my guy you say, “I’m with obfus on this one. Dump the cat. Cats suck a big, fat, major one. But, you might as well dump the guy too, since everyone knows that any guy who “loves cats” is a fucking liar and is just trying to get into your pants anyway.”
Wow, I did not know that about men who liked cats. Thanks for stomping out that bit of ignorance. Oh, what’s that? It was a joke? Well jokes don’t help fight ignorance much do they?

And as a final example, look who flirts in the very IMHO thread I used as an example of a thread that doesn’t fight ignorance, the Who is the cutest SDMB poster on the People Pages thread, where Demo says, “Umm, I was just sitting over here in the corner… Wow. Thank you so much! Now, when do we get to see you, Edwardina? wink
I think you all look fantastic, whether your pic is up, or not. You know, the SDMB is the best looking bunch of geeks hiding behind computer screens in the world.”

So take your bit about hiding behind the facade of fighting ignorance and shove it up your self-righteoius ass, Demo. You’re guilty of the same shit. I can’t think of one poster who devotes 100% of his time here to fighting ignorance. At least I’m not hypocritical about it. Who’s on their high horse now, Demo?

Fuck off, you hypocritical self-righteous asshole.

I’m only intending to say this once.

I. Do. Not. Write. ANYTHING. For. A. Clique. Period.

I write things like that A) because I want to. B) I hope that I can give the bulk of Dopers a laugh, and C) because I want to make a point.

I picked the names for three reasons 1) Involved in the “Ban the Pit” thread. 2) Were the right number of syllables and 3) They were posters who, from their posts, I suspected wouldn’t get offended at having their names used. No other reason.


My point was that most people around here have come to the understanding that “if you don’t like it, don’t read it.” is a bullshit tenet. One which even you yourself have violated in this very thread. So, yes, it does make it less relevant. Null and void, actually.

Obviously I can’t prove you were serious with that statement, but it sure sounds like you are backpedalling here. If you truly were not serious, then I concede the point only to the point that you were unclear in your intentions with said statement.

That’s nice. Well, if you thought someone’s post here was a waste of server space, why didn’t you e-mail a mod about it, then? I haven’t seen any mods cleaning up in here, either. gspace said something similar? Hmm, maybe he has a point after all, then. I’ll have to read further into it…

The Welcome Wagon thread does have a bearing here, since you were asking others not to waste server space, I thought I’d point out to you that your posts/threads were not exactly saving any server space, nor were they of more merit than any other poster in this thread.

Hmm, that was a waste of your precious time that could have been better spent in therapy. I certainly wasn’t implying that I only try to fight ignorance with every post. You implied, initially that you were fighting ignorance, by pursuing the whole gspace thing and then went on to defend yourself by asserting that your other threads (totally unrelated to the issue) were not about fighting ignorance. I was just calling you on it. Can’t you see the non-sequitur there?

Let me show you again:**


Now, I’d like you to read the above quote critically. Does your final statement really follow from what came before? No, it doesn’t. You knew you had been caught in your own self-righteous, bullshit statement and you tried to back off and change the direction of the conversation. Admit it.


Let’s take a look at this thread. xploder asks why people keep piling up in the pit. But, is this a pit only occurance? If you look at any thread, in MPSIMS, in IMHO, in GD, people have a tendency to chime in with their agreement, to go off on what other people have written, etc. It’s the nature of message boards, of people in general. The only difference in the pit, is that the first post will be an attack. So when people pop in to riff off one another, it will frequently feature continued references to the object of derision, in this case grienspace. If you honestly look at the thread, you’ll notice there is very little different in it from many other threads where people chime in with comments that aren’t nesecary. Do I find the comments offensive? No. Are they humourus or entertaining? Sometimes, frequently, not so frequnetly, commenly, rarely, yes. Does the topic sometimes get beaten down. Yeah. But what’s the alternative? A dead message board where no one communicates. Look closely at how many of your comments are nesecary. So why do we post? To entertain ourselves and others. What you don’t find entertaining I do. What I find boring, you enjoy. It’s a fact of life.

Why shouldn’t Techchick be able to put in her own unique view on grienspace’s post, why shouldn’t she be able to put her own unique view on what she thinks of Whammo dating a bitch. Just because one’s an attack she should hold back? Maybe it’s bacause of my background, but I find nothing worrisome or concerning about this.

Now, it’s true that the comment, if you don’t like it, don’t read it get’s old. But, in one sense it’s true. If someone posts a comment I don’t like, I can read it and respond. Someone saying, if you don’t like it, don’t respond is an idiot. There is a point though. If you don’t like a threads first two pages, don’t complain about the next three, stop reading. There is a very real difference with disagreeing with what someone posts and pointing it out to them by saying, “Demo you’re a worthless Santa Rosa fuck, go get run over by an SUV” and saying, you shouldn’t post things like that. One is wimpy and pansy, the other is funny (at least to me).
While it’s true that our actions don’t exist in a vacum, it’s ridiculous to think that we should look at each thread, no instantly how many comments are apropriate, judge if that number has been passed by now or not, and then make a decision to post or not. Sometimes it is fucking obvious that it’s been beaten down to the ground and that nothing else usefull can be said. That has happened in the past. I don’t feel that point has been reached in the grienspace saga.

Why do we press him for answers? Is he just a troll or a lunatic who won’t give us a straight answer? If so, I have no problem with that point being friven home and him being banned. So yes, I will keep pestering him for answers? Why? Because I carry a strong dislike for him, his views, and would like to see him gone.

Do I want every nonsensical person gone? No. Some of them are quite amusing. If they be trolls or whatever, I find them amusing, as I don’t find him amusing, I will press him. Do I want everyone who disagrees with me gone? No, I enjoy the company of quite a few people who disagree with me.

Ok, ok. It took a while, but you got it into my think skull now. My apologies to inor and the others I’ve argued with that.

Yes I was unclear. I’ll try to remember the smilies next time.

So I see, in this case I’m wrong for pointing out there’s a current thread dealing with the topic of Pit Bullies. Usually when there’s a thread opened dealing with similar topics, it’s pointed out to the OP. But in my case I’m wrong for doing so.

As I’ve said, I emailed Euty about leaving my thread open. The difference between this thread and mine is that there’s currently a thread dealing with this exact same topic. I never claimed it was better or had more merit. Just that this topic is currently being covered in gspace’s thread.

And I see you’re still showing your maturity level. You called me a coward for hiding behind the facade of fighting ignorance when you are no different. I showed you examples of how you are no different. And yes, while at work, I do tend to have a lot of spare time on my hands, but what’s that got to do with anything other than an attempt at belittling me?

Have you read my posts in the thread in question? I try to debate gspace. I went line for line in the OP to argue his points like he asked. That first quote of mine was not referring to everyone who posted in that thread. It was a response to the suggestion that everyone piled up on gspace like meanies in a schoolyard. I’m saying that some people in the thread were trying to have a dialogue. Not eveeryone there was slamming him, some of us were trying to get a coherent thought from him. Here you post them as if I’m responding to the same person and take it out of context.

The second quote (DeskMonkey’s) was saying that berating isn’t fighting ignorance. I responded that there’s lots of posts that don’t fight ignorance and used myself as an exmple. Here I’m saying that not fighting ignorance does not mean a person shouldn’t post. Where do I admit to not fighting ignorance in my statement? These are two separate arguments which you are reading as one.

Now you’re telling me what I was thinking? Fuck you, Demo. You don’t know what my motives for posting are, so keep your speculation to yourself as it is not a fact that can be debated. Those posts of mine were two separate discussions which you are trying to make seem as if it was one. In my quote about fighting ignorance I was referring to myself. In my response to DeskMonkey I was referring to flame threads in general. Two separate things, sparky. Stop twisting my words.

Now before I allow this to upset me, I’d like you to explain what you meant by this. Was this a simple joke, or was this some reference to the fact that I have clinical depression, which I have posted to the boards about, but I’m won’t assume you knew about that.

As I explained before. The first part dealt specifically to me in that thread, the other was in general about the Pit. Can’t you see the difference there?


…and around and around they go. Where they’ll stop, no one knows.

Hasn’t everyone said their wisdom, tossed their invective, ranted their insanity for long enough about this? Methinks grienspace has left the building, his purpose done.

And does everyone have to quote, re-quote, and then re-re-quote everyone else all the time?. My mouse is getting tired.

Ah, but I’m just a newbie. An innocent on the board, 'though I’m older than Crunchy Frog, and thus ignorant of such nasty evil things like The Pit and cabals and such. :slight_smile:

So – what the hell do I know? Pax!

Just as I posted the above, grienspace re-entered the ring.

Will this never end??

Honestly Ice Wolf? No. It will never end. It*will always * be going on. Long, long after we’re both dead, even after the Goon is dead, after all of us here have gone on to whatever the universe has planned for us in the next maze. This will be going on.

But hey, at least we have art, music, literature and porn to take our minds off it.

You northerners must be having a hell of a cold winter up there.

Does it get any better with the spring?

Well, I’m gonna let this thing die a natural death as I shouldn’t have started yet another thread on the same subject. I freely admit this and it was a mistake!

My whole point was that why have more than one thread to flame someone when one should be MORE than enough?

My apologies if anyone read more into it than I actually meant!

I still think grienspaceis being obtuse though.

I emailed Alphagene to ask him to close this thread as it’s pointless and redundant.