Not To Piss Anyone Off.....

I’ve been reading the “grienspace is an idiot” threads for the last few days and have noticed a couple of things.

  1. A LOT of people make their point and then continue to dogpile on even though the person that is being flamed to a crisp has pretty much stopped responding. Get a life. It’s more than obvious that said person is never gonna change.

  2. That’s it.
    While we all know that he never had a leg to stand on, what’s the point of beating a dead horse? Do y’all get some kind of sick, twisted satisfaction out of beating up on a moron? If THAT’S the case then just start another bar brawl.

And, for what it’s worth, I think that grienspace has been a complete moron in his posts to said threads.

I can’t speak for the others, I simply want of explanation on if he was trolling or not, if he lied on purpose, and other assorted information.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly it. Often there are pit threads that are just brilliant. Sometimes someone comes up with an insult that is just hilarious. Most times people seem to just jump on the pigpile. It’s very remniscent of meanies in the schoolyard.

I for one thought Fenris’ mini-opera was more poingnant than every other post relating to the subject. Partly because it was way more creative and partly because it was done with a lot of humor and thought rather than just nastiness.

Which threads would these be? I noticed one thread opened by grieny himself where he opened himself up to attack then refused to debate what he said he wanted to debate. Then Fenris opened a thread calling him an idiot. The thread oldscratch started was about Pit Bulls, not grienspace.

So I only see one thread that has been opened about grienspace. The rest he did to himself.

A lot of people had a point to make then. Why shouldn’t their opinion be heard? And how do you know he’s stopped posting? It hasn’t even been a full day since he last posted to his thread. Maybe he’s been busy. Maybe he only posts from work, like I do. Maybe he’s going to come back and respond. How can we tell, it hasn’t even been a full day?
So he may never change? So then let’s just let him spew his BS all over these boards. If he’s not gonna change, that’s ok then, is it?
I for one, want an explanation on his remark to Upham where he says, “ah Upham, you make it so easy” What the hell is that supposed to mean if he wasn’t trolling for reactions? In 2 pages of posts following he’s been dodging and avoiding that question.


He’s not dead yet.
And let’s not forget. griendspace himself opened the thread where he’s getting the most flaming, much as JDT brought people down on himself. There’s only one anti-grien thread onpened up as such. The rest he brought on himself.

And a final thought: If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It really has nothing to do with you if you stay out of it.

Yeah that’s it :rolleyes:
It can’t have anything to do with people not liking ignorance around here. It’s just mob mentality. Just like grienspace says, we’re all Pit Bullies conspiring in emails and chat rooms. Thanks for pointing that out.*
*sarcasm impaired need not read this as it would only cause confusion.

Well, stomping out ignorance is one thing. Just plain stomping is another. I mean, how many different ways can you tell someone you think they’re wrong and stupid without getting redundant? Honestly, you don’t get ANY pleasure out of going off on someone? At ALL? Not even a teensy bit of satisfaction that you can blow some steam at a complete stranger? It’s just like a job to you? C’mon . . . just a little?

Maybe he never changes, but maybe we can get him to go not change some other place. I for one would love to see im ridden off the board on a rail (a pointy one).

As for getting a kick out of it, nah. Not that i don’t revel in a good burn as much as the next twisted sence of humor, it’s just that if only 10 or 15 people went in there and told grienspace what a useless chowderhead he is he might not get the point. And i really, really hope he gets the point.

Hey! That was my Mark of the Beast post! Nice! 666 posts and i still havn’t been thrown out on my face, go fig.

Well, to start off…I do NOT agree with anything he ever said when being an asshole. What I did say was that after you had made the point that he has no conception of proper board behaviour and pounded it in with verbal vitriol <which I certainly agree with> the whole thing should have been dropped!

So. We end up with threads that state that, {b]Yes, grienspace is an idiot".**

It started with the Pit Bull thread in GD, (and, as Persephone can attest, I love PB’s) and continued when someone couldn’t continue to debate without calling this fucking moron a fucking moron. I agree to that.

What I DO disagree with is starting even MOREthreads calling everyone elses attention to the fact that guy has no clue!

We ALL should have figured out by now that he treats statistics the same as a fundie trying to prove that the world was created 6,000 years ago in 7 days and just ignore him!

Then again, maybe there is something to the hidden cabal of grienspace haters in the Pit…ya never know…

Believe it or not, I don’t like getting angry. I don’t like losing my temper. What fun is that?

Let’s not forget that grienspace himself started this with his Ban the Pit!!! thread. Then he dropped a hint that he was trolling to Upham, which I have already quoted above.

I tried to debate his OP, which is what he said he wanted, but he keeps dodging my points. He also keeps dodging many questions about what he meant by that comment to Upham.

And quite frankly, my whole problem with this thread is why do you care one way or the other? What effect does it have on you? If you don’t like the threads, quit reading them, don’t respond to them. If you can’t help yourself, that’s your problem. If the thread goes too far, it will be closed. That why we have mods. We don’t need people opening more threads, using more server space to basically reiterate Upham’s thoughts in his Ban the Pit!!! thread, which is what this is basically, a plea that the Pit Bullies stop.

And you know DeskMonkey, I’ll grant you that maybe on some subconscious level, in some dark corner of my id, I like arguing with grieny. Maybe. But what right does that give you to post a sweeping generalization about everyone in that thread? What evidence do you have that you’re “pretty sure that’s exactly it”? You don’t know jack shit about us, so don’t draw conclusions as to what our motives may be. That’s your opinon, and your opinion about our psyches means jack shit, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it means.

Give me one reason why you should give a shit what happens in a thread involving grienspace. If you agree with his thoughts that newbies should be better warned and that there are Pit Bullies, then post it is his thread where it belongs. He could use some help over there. Don’t waste server space with more of the same shit in this thread. And it is the same shit. In that thread, we’re Pit Bullies, in this thread, we’re “meanies in a schoolyard.”

FTR - I know what it’s like being on the lynched end of a mob. This shit grienspace is getting is nothing.

And what do you think THIS thread is?

Oh that’s wonderful, feed the paranoia.

Also, btw, this started as a pit bull thread, degenerated into a dumbhread by grienspace about pitbullies and then spawned a thread worshiping grienspace as some kind of hero as if he ever had a clue…
This was why I started this damn thread, which on further thought continued the damn thing.

Regardless, I still believe that all the other threads should be dropped.

I don’t know anything about trolling except that I get to eat the fich and you bastards would probably be WAY to tough. :smiley:


WHAT Where, I didn’t see this thread. huh?


yep. Ah well, can’t win them all.


Let’s go over it again. One thread, was about pit bulls, it was locked, then grins peace started an idiotic thread, which isn’t really related, we’re still trying to get answers out of the OP, notice, not some idiot who responded, but the person who started the thread. I don’t see any other ones except this.

Well, I don’t know if I should waste the server space, but awww, what the hey.

Ahem . . .

My official reason for giving a shit what happens in ANY thread is that I’m a member of this board. I’m allowed to read whatever post I want to read. I’m allowed to post my opinion on any post I want. I’m allowed to give a shit about anything I want to.

So give me one good reason why you give a shit about my giving a shit. You could very easily ignore me. My opinions are not so fiendishly phrased that you simply must defend your honor. In fact, I was in favor of banning aggressive dogs for my own reasons, and with the exception of oldscratch’s post that was closed, I never really heard too much about it from anyone (like I said in my CrunchyFrog newbie thread, I’m just a boring white girl that no one ever really notices. :wink: ) (and no, I’m not trying to start all that banning dogs stuff again, I PROMISE!)

I don’t show up here to offend anyone, I just like reading what people have to say and I like that I can respond to it. I enjoy reading a good flame as much as anyone, but in my opinion long flame threads often lose sight of what the flame is even about. People in general seem to want to add their own witty insults to the pile. And that opinion IS meant to be a general sweeping statement. That just seems to be the nature of the pit. It can be a dangerous place because as you said, folks do enjoy a good burn. And quite frankly, as amusing as it usually is, berating people is not always a particularly good way to “fight ignorance.”

But that’s just my opinion. You have a perfect right to disagree with it, tear it up sentence by sentence and call me a horrid person, or you can just plain old ignore it. Whatever.

There’s yer thread.

My point was that you never WILL get answers out of the op as he’s an idiot!!!

Maybe we’ll never get the answers xploder, but the important thing is that we try. That’s what fighting ignorance is all about.

I fully understand that!! My point is that there comes a time when it’s OBVIOUS that the person being flamed is a total idiot!!! Now then, What is the point of belaboting the point further???

DeskMonkey - **

I never said you weren’t. I was just wondering why you’d care what happens to grienspace. If he makes an ass of himself and refuses to listen to reason or respond to questions put before him, he deserves what he gets IMO.


Because your feelings are that I should stop posting to grieny. He challenged me to defend myself, in case you missed that post, and he has yet to clearly explain himself in regards to his post to Upham, which blatantly looks like a trolling attempt. We just want an explanation, which he is not giving. When you’re giving a shit involves me posting or not posting, I give a shit.


I’ve only seen two threads. The one grienspace started and the one by Fenris. The latter is the flame thread, which is actually quite tame. The former is the thread where he started an OP now refuses to explain himself. It is not a flame thread per se although some are flaming him there. The rest of us just want an explanation. And if you go back and re-read it, you’ll see grieny’s not innocent here, he’s tossing insults every bit as much as receiving them.


Neither is my Welcome Wagon thread. Neither are the IMHO threads about “Who’s the cutest poster” or whatnot. I don’t see this as a valid point for not posting to a thread.

BTW - oldscratch, you know if we keep running into each other like this, people are going to think there’s something going on between us. :wink:

Let’s see, who’s here: me, oldscratch, and Upham. Not quite a vast web and intricate connections of an underground conspiracy. Leave it to me though, fellas. I’m working on gaining new recruits in my Welcome Wagon thread, that’s why I started it after all you know. Apparently my attempt to recruit DeskMonkey has failed.

One question. Who is whose minion? Am I oldie’s minion or is he mine? I keep getting that confused. Can we take turns so no one has to be the minion all the time?

You’re right.

Now I’m really late, I gotta go! Have a good night!

Thank Me that it wasn’t ME that you were referreing to here…

And, NO, I do NOT agree with ANYTHING grienspace has to say…