Not your usual ESPN headline: "Referee beheaded after killing player"

For real.

I’m not an expert on the rules. Is there some kind of point penalty for this?

I’m going to add that I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be some sort of hoax or parody site.

Spoiled, because…it’s a picture.
There’s more pictures if you GIS for his name.

According to Wiki, ESPN FC is owned by ESPN.

Yes, the visiting team gets a penalty kick using the referee’s head.

Or his feet.

The most interesting part to me is


Quartered? Who the hell quarters anybody anymore? Beheading never really goes out of style, but quartering is just Olde School.

Could be worse, they could have tarred and feathered him.

I love this statement from the police:

Kind of makes Hernandez look like a piker.

Yeah, you really have to admire the crowd for showing restraint.

Next time they’ll need to take out a permit and an inspector is going to make sure there’s a footing under the stake. It must be driven at least 48 inches deep to meet code.

Did anyone else wonder why they had a stake? Did anyone else wonder how they managed get it in the ground? At least in Lord Of The Flies they were just worked with sand and not compacted dirt/mud.

And having a restraint. “Be Prepared” that’s my motto.

Sadly, he’s behind in the fourth quarter.

I note that some stadiums in South America including Brazil have moats, to keep fans from storming the field and attacking either the team or the referees. They get a bit over the top about sports there apparently.

I think that’s a balk.

Back in the mid-80’s I was at baking school and a fellow student was from Brazil. Now Denise was following the World Cup very closely because Brazil was one of the top teams. Some of us, her friends, yeah, we heard that Brazil had won in the semi-final game but we told her they’d lost and were out of the running. She started to cry and we felt pretty bad about the joke. So we confessed and she was so happy Brazil had won and was still in the game that she didn’t even mind our tease.

I wonder if the Olympic committee is having second thoughts.

This reminds me of some scene in “Life of Brian” where Brian, a centurion, and Brian’s fellow prisoner are talking.

The hell you say!

geez, I could have gone without the jpg