Note to Fundies: Learn Your Religion First

Ok, this has been inspired by the WTC/Pentagon/Pennsylvania disasters, but its still true and has bothered me before 9/11/01. (Note: This isn’t to make any assumptions as to who did those acts.)

Fucking god-damned fundamentalists, Chrisitian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh etc should read their fucking religious books before they go out killing people. All of the religions I mentioned, and most of the ones I haven’t, have some sort of rule in them saying “Don’t kill people or else.” Why does it seem that the people who cling the most to religion are the ones who know the least about it. When you kill for Jesus/Allah/Yahwe(sp?)/Vishnu/etc. that means you’ve violated the very religion you claim to belong to. These religions also tend to mention suicide in a similar manner.

So, if you pilot a 757 into a building, or run into a Sbarro strapped with nail bombs, “for God” you have really pissed off God, no matter who you beleive in. I hope you all burn in fucking hell where the victims get to line up and painfully dismember you piece by piece while you’re forced to eat your own body parts, for the rest of eternity.


Of course, many holy books also say that it’s okay to kill people under certain circumstances. They can pick and choose just as well as you can.

I believe that an important part of the Muslim religion states that if you kill one innocent, it is as if you have killed us all.

Hmmmm, could innocent be construed as civilian, or non-combatant? No, of course not, because some self-styled religious leader decided that just by existing, we are all combatants in the big one.