Note to self: Avoid feeling 'desperate' for money!

This summer is somewhat becoming a repeat of a summer I had 2 years ago: I was more or less broke, and desperate for money. As such I allowed myself to get sucked into types of work I normally wouldn’t be willing to do.

It is happening again this summer :frowning:

I got a call from a woman who wanted me to teach and tutor her kid. She would pay me double/hour what I made at my other job, and since I could work with her child outside of my work’s business hours, I could do both, and make even more money. This seemed fairly straightforward- take advantage of the low expenses I have right now and save, save save!. Virtually everything I can afford to set aside gets put in a savings account, and I pretend its not there. This unfortunately leaves me in a state of being perpetually ‘broke’. I can afford to pay my cell phone/credit card bill/car insurance, etc, but there’s nothing really left after that (this way I save as much as I possibly can).

The tutoring/piano teaching gig sounded great because the woman wanted to for * months* of lessons (pretty much the whole summer) up front. She also referred me to a voice opera coach who needed an accompanist. All this sounded awesome; I’d be making more money, doing what I love…

Well, it’s been two weeks and I still haven’t gotten a check in the mail from the woman who promised to pay ‘up front’ :mad: I feel I may have gotten hornswaggled on that deal. And the voice coach simply assumed I had the skills to be an accompanist, only to be somewhat peeved that I absolutely suck at accompanying, at least right now. So the accompanist job is a wash, and I have to bug the woman for the tuition she promised to pay :mad:

I don’t know what’s worse at this point- being barely employed, or constantly get hired to work at jobs A. You aren’t able to do, B. Never get paid properly to, and C. Sounds great at first, but quickly develop an intense loathing for the job