Notes on Game & Post-Count Padding/Party Threads (us little ones....)

I’m sorry Brother-or-sister-of-mine-who-has-a-child Beer but… we (the PAYING members of this board) feel like… um… if we feel like starting a damn thread for fun, one that MIGHT pad people’s post counts, but is NOT intended as such… again, since we PAY for this damn board, we’ll start threads as WE see fit! Not as how uptight shove-it-up-yer-ass-FORMER-mods might see fit. :rolleyes: Not my fucking Uncle, THAT’s for sure! :rolleyes:

dammit! Brother-or-sister-of-mine-who-has-a-child Beer

And this was prompted by…?

The arrogance of this board. They expect us to just roll into their cattle chutes. And I ain’t gonna! Got a prob with that silenus?

Hey, refuse to roll all you want. I’ll just sit over here in the corner, making little ball-like noises.

Wimp! You don’t even see. We had a cool thread, like almost 2 years ago. Song Title Game. And Uncle Queer thought it wasn’t worthy of The ALMIGHTY DOPE. Well, I thought it was a god damn bunch of fun. And thought Uncle Beer was full of shit! So I started the thread again. You sit in your corner, silenus. Tell’s me ALL I need to know about YOU. :wink:

Mods, I’m so FOS my eyes are brown. Can you remove this POS thread? I promise I won’t bother y’all again. Promise…

Well, the next time you take such a principled stand, if6was9, make sure you light the fire in the Pit. That’s where the infidel threads questioning our holy wisdom live.