Nothin' Like Some Lemon Luuuuuv, Baby !!

We’ve come full circle. Since modern day science has left us all exposed to the dangers of the world ( despite billions in research dollars ), we’re left with using Mother Nature.

I give you the newest concept in contraceptives, the Lemon Love Wedge.

I forsee an entirely new career for Tropic Ana, as she branches out into the adult world of lemons and limes.



I saw this today as well. All I could think about was that the “All One God” soap dude was right!

There is this guy calledDr. Bronner who makes these all natural soaps. (Which, btw, are great). The thing about his soaps is that they were normally only sold in Army surplus stores, camping & health food stores where I grew up - so we mainly only used them when camping out. And being bored on campouts sometimes, one would read the labels. And the labels, the labels, the labels were…interesting. (You can download them at the site if’n ya want). Religious rantings that were funny, confusing, inane and sometimes just weird. But I recall that they used to contain a recipe for birth control using lemon juice- they claimed it had something to do with the PH balance, that could then be restored by douching with his soap. Unfortunately, this was on the bottle of peppermint soap, which was a bit, er, tingly on the private parts when washing…

Anywho, my $.02