Nothing like a fire to wake you up!!

So, at about 3 AM this morning, my dog, who is sleeping on the futon in our bedroom starts barking.

I jump up with a start and hear thunder in the distance. I look at Vegas (the dog) and she’s shaking. Storms don’t frighten her. :confused:

So, she jumps on the bed with us and cuddles up. Then I start hearing loud booms. Really loud booms. They get more and more frequent. I ask my husband what that noise is and he had no idea. It sounded like a canon fight.

I decided to get up and go for a little drive. All of my neighbors are outside and I hear someone say it was a fire.

Well, they were right, it wasn’t a canon fight!! That place is about 2 minutes from my house!

I couldn’t get that close, but I did see about 1000 people watching. There was a huge column of smoke and every couple of seconds a tank would explode.

I turned around and came home and came back to bed, listening to the explosions ever 10-15 seconds for another hour or so.


Damn! That’ll get the adrenaline pumping, won’t it? Glad you and your family are okay!

Good puppy!

My parent’s shih’tzu once went nuts in the middle of the night like that. After yelling at him to shut up, my Dad finally got up intending to smack the dog and put it outside. Leaving the bedroom he found the entire house eerily orange from the glow of the fire on their back deck, apparently Mom didn’t get a citronella candle properly extinguished and it melted through the plastic table it was on and spilled all over the wooden deck and caught fire. Dad put it out with the hose and luckily the house itself hadn’t started to burn yet, but good puppy!

Tell me about it. Except in this case I was the good puppy (hey, no jokes here!)

5am. Woke up, couldn’t get back to sleep. Was watching some crappy TV when I looked up and notice a cloud of smoke around the lamp. I figure the lampshade got on to the lightbulb. Nope. Went out to the next room. Noticed more smoke. Figured something was smoldering. Nope. Put on the fan to clear out the smoke and suddenly the whole place was dense with smoke. Called 911 and got the hell out of there just before the back room went up in flames. And oh there were flames.

That was a fun night.

In the event of a real canon fight, bet on Pachelbel. :wink:

I’ve got my money on this guy.

We were staying with my sister when the smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night. In December. North of Baltimore. It was icy out.

It seems my sis and BIL emptied what they thought were cold fireplace ashes into a cardboard box. It ignited in the middle of the night and the vertical blinds and part of the carpet caught. I had a toddler and my sis was preggers. The womenfolk went out to sit in the van while the men tended to the fire. Along the way, someone called 9-1-1, but by the time the firetruck arrived, the fire was out. My BIL burned his hands when he picked up the burning box and tossed it into the back yard. My husband managed to find one of their fire extinguishers and put out the blinds and carpet. The whole place stunk - burning synthetics will do that.

We drove to my mom’s, which was maybe 10 miles away. The guys followed after the firefighters checked everything out. The damage was minimal, but the house stunk for months. Oh, and they bought a metal ash bucket a few days later.

Ah waking up to fire stories. Brings back the memories. All three of us boys slept in one bedroom. My older brother on a single bed, my younger brother on the bottom buck and me on the top.

The oldest brother was reading by the light of a candle held up by this tennis show, which was fine until he apparently feel asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, with my throat burning. The light was really bright, so I didn’t look at it until after I went and got a glass of water.

Came back and the wood floor had caught on fire and was slowly spreading toward his bed. A couple more inches of wood until it would have reached his sheets. I woke him up (I was 10 or so, and he would be 14) and we put the fire out with water. Dad was sort of aware of us, but said he shot out of bed when he heard my brother tell me to not tell Dad about this.

Took a long time for the smoke smell to leave.