""Nothing Nice to Say" - Vaguely amusing punk comic strip

Nothing Nice

Jesus! Could a mod please move this to cafe?

For a small fee…

I used to read that, and then once when I checked, I got a 404. It was like that for a while, so I figured the writer had just ended the strip. I’m glad it’s back!

I’ve never seen this before, but I like it!


Mitch has made the archives available again, but if you check the date on the most recent strip, it’s been a while since he’s updated it. He has another comic that occupies a lot of his time right now (see the link), and even that hasn’t been updated in about a month.

Still, there’s some genuinely funny stuff in the archives, so I’ll be happy even if he never updates it again. But I’m still hoping…


Let’s see…


-They hate pop-punk

-Bad art

-They tried to make some obscure penny-arcade reference, but I didn’t get it, even though I love penny-arcade :confused:

-They talked shit about the Voodoo Glow Skulls, a great band

-It’s not funny
I think I’ll pass on this one.