Notification popup

I just got a popup saying wants to show notifications. Can we please not do that.

Just say no and it shouldn’t bother you again.

I hate all popups. I tried to start a thread, and three times got a popup saying there is already a thread about this topic.

That’s probably from your browser. If you use more than one browser to go on the boards, you may have to tell it no once for each browser; but, as Terminus_Est says, that should take care of it.

(The notifications that show up at your avatar we’re apparently stuck with; but those at least don’t produce a popup unless you click on them.)

ETA: jtur88, was there already a thread on the topic? I got one of those warning boxes next to the window I was typing in telling me that my topic was ‘similar’ to others; but the suggestions didn’t look at all similar to me. I ignored the box and started the topic with no problems.

Yes, that what happens. It’s not bad that the software makes you aware of possible similarities. It can be helpful occasionally.

If there actually were already a thread on the topic, I’d definitely find that helpful. An occasional misplaced suggestion that’s easily ignored is a price I’m willing to pay; though I do wonder if the software couldn’t be gotten better at guessing. One of the suggestions did at least have the name of the same politician in it; but some of them were wildly off.

Most of them are. But once I noticed that the thread title I was considering had been used before.

I just opened another new topic, and got the “similar thread” notice two more times. Apparently triggered by keywords. Never happened in this or any browser, ever, all the way back to freenet dialup on 286’

The browser reply was about notification popup windows. The “similar thread” and other warning boxes are something else entirely.