"Nottafinga!" The real owner of the Wendy's Chili finger identified...

And surprise, surprise, it turns out to be an acquaintance of the woman who filed the lawsuit!


Bless you for the “nottafinga”, Rodd. That was good for a laugh.

Nobody better lay a finger on my nottafinga … I mean, butterfinger.


Damn you! For beating me to it.

There isn’t really a word that describes the sound I made when I read the thread title. It’s when you stifle an explosion of laugh that otherwise would have frightened little old ladies in the next county. Written out, it’s something like “KKKGGLT!”, but onomatopoeia just doesn’t do it justice.

Best. Thread Title Movie Allusion. Ever.

Wait, there’s a movie allusion in this thread? :: looks around, lifts up the edges of the thread to look underneath ::

I don’t see it.

Yeah, I liked the thread title, too. “You’ll put your eye out with that thing!”

Im with SR 47 wha illusion? :confused:

I don’t get it either. :confused:

An unseason reference to the late, great, Darren McGavin in “Christmas Story.”

He uttered the immortal word when his wife used up all the glue, deliberately.

You want a finger? I can get you a finger by 3 o’clock. With nail polish.