Nougat bars

I’ve had nougat bars before–like the hard white kind, not the fluffy three musketeers kind–but only outside of the US. I was wondering if anyone knew of some domestic nougat I could get my hands on, or even some foreign stuff I could order online. The nougat bar I had in England was strawberry flavored, I believe, and had peanuts in it, but I can’t remember the name of it. Anyone know?

Question I feel could easily be answered in this thread: What the heck IS nougat, anyway? What’s it made out of?

I will use Google before asking stupid questions.

If we all used Google whenever we had a question, this message board would be a lonely place.

Brachs has this which I don’t consider close to the Wiki description.

In what way is:

not similar to

? It may be slightly atypical since they have not combined it with nuts, caramel or chocolate, but other than that it looks like a normal example of a traditional sweetmeat as interpreted by the obesity/diabetes complex.