Snickers bar substitute?

While at a store the other day, the cashier suddenly told me, “I really want a Snickers bar, but I hate peanuts.”

I blinked and said, “What?” (I wasn’t buying any Snickers.)

She said, “No, I really hate peanuts, but I want a Snickers bar!” As if I had accused her of liking peanuts or not liking Snickers.

“Uh, well maybe you could get some other kind of candy…” I suggested.

She gave me a disgusted look, so I took my purchase and left.

Of course, she was being silly, but I can’t help wondering: is there some kind of candy bar that’s like Snickers, but peanut-free?

Milky Way.

Uh… this?

I was going to say Snickers with almonds, but Araminty beat me to it.

Formerly known as the Mars bar.

Nougat + chocolate = 3 Musketeers
3 Musketeers + caramel = Milky Way
Milky Way + peanuts = Snickers

It sounds like the cashier already had plenty of nuts, and/or needed a marble, or a screw tightened.

Exactly. Everyone knows this, so how’s the subject even come up? They had an exchange on MASH where Col. Potter told Radar to get him a Snickers without nuts and Radar mutters “A Milky Way” and all of us around the set were like “well, duh!”

That only works in the US though.

UK and/or EU Milky Way = US 3 Musketeers (even though it’s even less “milky”)
UKa/oEU Mars = US Milky Way

Not sure about Canada.

3 Musketeers, IME, has a much lighter, fluffier nougat than the other two. Then again, Mars bars used to have a thicker nougat and real almonds, too.

My favourite. Fortunately for my diet, we can no longer get these in Australia.

Yeah, I don’t think the nougat in any of them is like the other. 3 Musketeers has very light soft nougat, and Snickers has a dense, chewy peanutty nougat, and Milky Way has nougat somewhere between the other two.

This page seems to confirm that Milky Way and Snickers nougats begin the same, but then peanut butter is added to the Snickers’ nougat.

Top Secret Recipes-Creating Kitchen Clones of America’s Favorite Brand-Name Foods by Todd Wilbur has a recipe for Snickers bar

Thanks for the info.