NoVa Dopers, Come Watch Me Make A Fool of Myself

If anyone is interested, my band will be making its public debut at the Luna Park Grille in Arlington tomorrow night, Thursday, May 31. We are a cover band, playing a combination of classic rock (e.g., Bad Company, John Mellencamp, the Romantics) and modern Top 40 rock (e.g., Matchbox 20, R.E.M., Fastball). We are expected to start playing around 10:30 p.m., and you can all watch me play the bass and sing harmony and generally look silly. There’s no cover charge, so I won’t even be making money from you. Hope some of you can make it out.

Wow, Phil, all that and a moo-sician too. Break a leg.

Hmm. Dunno if I’ll be able to make it. Work 7-3:30, class 4:30-10, pick my mother up from metro right after that. You should make a tape of the gig so those of us who can’t make it can listen to it and imagine you wearing rocker clothing and sporting a hair-band wig:)

Damn, damn, damn! I have to work! If you’re ever going to be playing some other Thursday night, let me know, because I will normally be off on Thursdays, my schedule is just screwy this week.

AUGH! I can’t make it this week, but PLEASE let me know the next time y’all play…I want to see you! :slight_smile: (And I promise not to laugh.)

Hey, that’s my old neighborhood! 'Course I’m on the other end of town now and 10:30 is a bit late to be out. If only I still lived within walking distance of Luna Park…

Well, I don’t care HOW late it is, I’ll come see you play, PLD!

Do let us know how it goes, Phil.

I moved from there (well, Laurel) to California. Sorry, other Phil, can’t make it. :wink:

pldennison, I hope things went well! Do we get a report?

Thanks to all for the well-wishes! I think it went OK; for a first gig, we were pretty tight, with only a couple of minor hitches from which we recovered pretty quickly. A dropped drumbeat here, a flubbed note there, etc. Our set list was as follows:

“The One I Love” (REM)
“I Got A Line On You” (Spirit)
“ROCK in the USA” (John Mellencamp)
“What I Like About You” (Romantics)
“Brown Eyed Girl” (Van Morrison)
“The Way” (Fastball)
“Real World” (Matchbox 20)
“Brown Sugar” (Rolling Stones)
“Summer of '69” (Bryan Adams)
“Mustang Sally” (Otis Redding)

We’re playing again this Friday, June 8, at the Firehouse in Fairfax, starting around 9:30 p.m. and playing 3 45-minute sets. I’ll post address information when I have it in case anyone can/wants to come. There will be a $3 cover after 9:30. :slight_smile:

This Friday’s gig is at the Firehouse Grill, 3988 University Drive, Fairfax. We start about 9:30 pm, and will be playing 3 sets of around 45 minutes each.

After that is Saturday, June 16th at the Calliope, 1755 Duke St., Alexandria. We’re opening for another band, so should get on fairly early.

I hope some of you can make it!

Tell Peta to save me a seat, I’m going to try and make it.

No problem, DC!
[bump] :wink:

“Hey, did you guys notice the well-informed sense of irony, deeply-held beliefs, and biting sarcasm in that last bass riff…?”

– Anonymous Arlington bar-hound

One more bump?

As Phil said earlier, his band’s next gig is tomorrow night, Saturday, June 16th, at the Calliope, 1755 Duke St., Alexandria.

He emailed me this week, saying:

I’m planning on showing up somewhere around 7:30-7:45, and staying until after Phil and friends are done playing. The company of other Dopers would be extremely welcome!

The Calliope is just a couple blocks south of the King Street Metro.

Ooh, I can go to this one!

Count me in.

Cool - I’ll see you there! :slight_smile: