DC Dopers: Wanna surprise a doper veteran on Oct 18th?

You may remember him from such message boards as…this one. He goes back to the days of the AOL MB…I’m referring to my husband, whom you may remember as PLDennison or Phild.

It has been just about a year since we posted. We’ve been working through some deep personal issues (not of the marriage type lest you wonder) and professional challenges, which include enduring loooooong, stressful hours at work which result in a stress-induced vegatative state after work hours. :frowning:

Anyway, here’s the surprise part…PLD/Phil’s new band, The Fragments, is playing Saturday night, and I’d like to surprise him with some friendly, doper faces. Everyone’s welcome. Anyone interested?

The gig is at the Laughing Lizard in Old Town Alexandria
Saturday, October 18th – 10:00 PM
1324 King St. Alexandria (VA) 703-836-7885
Not across from the metro as some websites indicate, but easily within walking distances

We miss you guys. And, it would be great–for both of us–to see a few (some?) of our DC Doper friends again and catch up before and/or after the band plays. You know…if you want. I know its kind of an out-of-the-blue, last-minute thing. I’ll understand if this thread drops like a stone, but know that we do think of you all and miss you.

Peta Tzunami, aka PLD’s wife

Damn. I’d really like to, Peta. I’d love to see you and PLD again. But my wife and I are doing stuff to celebrate her birthday that day, so there’s just norfolk’n’way for the 18th.

Any chance you guys could make it to Dope-A-Ween next weekend?

I wondered what happened to you guys. I wish I could be there, but I have to be at mass to sing on Sunday morning, early. Come to JC’s party the next weekend!

Obviously I can’t come, but it’s good to see you here Peta. Hope PLD has a good gig.

I wish we could make it, but have no way there.
Please tell Phil hi and he is sorely missed on these boards.
he’s the best!

Glad to hear from you guys! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to.

However, we can’t make it. Airman has a do with his Guard unit, and I’ve got my radio show.

Maybe next time…


Hello again everyone:

Yes, we’re still alive and okay–it just has been a difficult year for us. We have missed our friends here though reading the board much has been a challenge.

As I said, I realize this was kind of last minute, so just your comments and good wishes here are nice to see. RT, please extend happy birthday wishes to Mrs. RT. Vanilla, thanks for the thought, and I’ll let him know.

The band is also playing (same place) the 31st and November 8th–busy, busy–if anyone wants to come out then, hang out a while and check out the music. They’re largely doing originals with more obscure covers to balance the setlist. Thankfully, this band is more sane than his last one. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe we’ll be able to make the Dope-A-Ween due to other commitments, but I’ll double-check with Phil later.

Thanks for taking the time to respond and your kind thoughts. I can share more of “what we’ve been up to”…though it really is mostly just w-o-r-k.


You’re more than welcome to come to Dope-A-Ween.

Lady Chance and I would love to have you.

Missed you both! Come home soon.

Moved from the DC area this past January (well, it was official then) else I’d be there with bells on.

Great to hear from you guys! As Ginger said, I don’t think we can make it all the way to Alexandria on short notice, but we have got to get together soon!

Wow, what a happy surprise to see your name by the thread title this morning, Peta! Unfortunately, our rich uncle has moved us from the DC environs to the sunny land of Florida, or Bluesman and I would definitely be there. Any chance of his band playing a gig down in Tampa?

Probably not, but we send both our congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

Weirddave, you’re weird…and too funny. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Pun, bells might detract from the musicians (not to mention distract them) :wink: …but its the thought that counts, and that was a nice one, thanks.

Lucretia (and Bluesman by proxy), I’ll let Phil know they need to gig in the sunshine state…maybe they can join a USO tour. :slight_smile:

The show was great–yes I’m biased, but I also tell it like it is. The crowd was small, but responsive. PLD, of course, is still sleeping off the late night. While I was out just as late, I didn’t have to play music for an hour and haul equipment (I usually do the roadie bit, but I was in a skirt, so I got a free pass). I should have some new pictures up on their website soon, too.

I do have to amend my earlier post, they are only playing Halloween, not the 8th.

Thank you all again for the warm wishes. I’ll see you around here a bit more, I think…