Novak's Brain Tumor

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Is a darn interesting article by Novak on his brain condition. Creepy as heck. He hit the guy, got a ticket, got lost on his way to his dentist, got lost in his own office building.

Well worth you time.

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Nice to see the Christian faith he credits for his successful dealing with the diagnosis hasn’t diminished his chance to take another whack at the Wilsons.

Keep in mind his brain cancer had not been made public when they said that, and that he uses quotation marks around “scandal”, for it’s arguable that a multimillion dollar investigation that compromised national security and resulted in prison time for a high ranking executive aide can really be called that.

I don’t with brain cancer on anyone. No matter how much I may disagree with their actions. Not Ted Kennedy, nor Bob Novak.

I’m also more aware than many people, I think, when it comes to how fragile the mind is as an artifact of the brain. So, like you say, Paul, this is a creepy article, but not one whose creepiness I find surprising.
I still have little liking for the man Novak still shows himself to be.

But I am very impressed with both the actions of Ted and Vicky Kennedy, described in this article, and with Novak’s acknowledgment of their support and kindness.

ETA: Sampiro, I’m less disturbed by his sideswipe at the Wilsons than I was by his still cavalier dismissal of his accident; the implication that since it was a homeless person who wasn’t really hurt, anyways, it’s not a big deal; and the belief that he was involved with a hit-and-run was something that only a mob mentality could support.

IMNSHO he was still involved with a hit-and-run, simply because there is a legitimate medical explanation for the behavior doesn’t absolve Novak of all the consequences of that behavior, though I agree that it should be weighed when considering the filing of charges.

He did make clear he’s a partisan hack to the end, which shouldn’t be a big surprise to anybody. But having known people in the same kind of situation and I do feel for anybody who gets things like brain tumor and a death sentence read at them. By reputation, Duke’s supposed to be an excellent place to be treated for these kinds of things. Here’s hoping he ends up okay- and puts away the typewriter on his own and stops being a jackass.

He’s still alive?



One wonders if, staring death in the face, he does an Atwater? Somehow, I doubt he has it in him.