Novel sexy fashion and the Coolidge Effect

This explains why about half of people cheat… they simply become more attracted to new partners compared to their old one. This also explains why people seek new porn rather than just use the old porn all the time.

I think this explains why women like to wear lots of different clothes and have different hairstyles - it makes them seem like a new girl to their partner. Also some women dress up in the bedroom in costumes, etc.

Of course the Coolidge Effect isn’t the only explanation for novel sexy fashion though.

And here I thought the Coolidge Effect was the Silent Treatment.

“You lose”

Really? You’re going to project the time it takes for a mouse to rest up after humping onto the human urge whether to be monogamous?

While there is a certain degree of inference going on, it’s not as bad as that. Did you read the second para?

BTW about mice - here is a diagram:

Also I had a quote about experimental results from “human males”

BTW I learnt about the Coolidge Effect here:

Like I quoted before
“After ejaculation, males generally lose their erection, presumably to avoid displacing their own semen from the vagina. However, this post-ejaculatory refractory period is reduced or eliminated if a novel female becomes available”

This explains why people can get hooked on things like porn while not being as turned on by their long-term wife.

About human studies again:

So this could mean that it could be harder to get an erection with the same old sex with a wife… and easier to get an erection with a new partner (or virtual partner [porn])

Which brings to mind the dying words: “More porn, more porn !
Saying which I’ll do something shaming and quote what I wrote elsewhere [ Digg, a million years ago ]:

Deathbed scene:

The strong old man, wasted but still virile in spirit, raises his withered hand commandingly and beckons to his eldest son as the crowd of women and lawyers weep uncontrollably, covering their faces with aprons and handkerchiefs. The sturdy son dutifully kneels beside the white sheets, waiting for his father’s hand in benediction.

“No time for that, my boy,” the rasping voice cracked, “John, go to that coffer and withdraw the great ivory box.” The troubled man took the tiny golden key and with difficulty carried the box to his waiting father, then gasped as he unlocked the lid and saw…

“Yes,” croaked the dying man, “that is the great 100 Terrabyte SSD drive bought by my great-grandfather. He partially-filled it with the finest porn money could then buy; as did his son, and his son, and as did I. You now have trust of this great treasure that has made our family what it is: use it wisely and add to it’s store; share the contents with all, yet never let it leave your possession. And now, if it pleases you, take the blessing of an old, tired man.”

Reverently, he knelt again, and the elder’s left hand rested upon his temple in benediction, then lay limp as the death-rattle shivered all who hearkened, and the other hand ceased that frantic non-stop jig beneath the coverlet.

“Uh, Dad, have you heard of Moore’s law? 100 Terrabytes is, like, a quarter of what you need for one low-res image these days…”

You started almost exactly this same thread, almost exactly a year ago.

Sing us a new one, eh?

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Yes I’ve talked about the Coolidge Effect before but the original point of this new thread is about fashions and dressing up…

Or maybe, just maybe, we like wearing different clothes and hairstyles for the fun of it? Dude, please.

Yeah “Of course the Coolidge Effect isn’t the only explanation for novel sexy fashion though.”…

But some girls spend hours getting ready… do they do it to try and impress guys or just for “fun”? Do they spend heaps of money on lots of different dresses when they go to formal occasions just for “fun”?

So how do we explain hipsters wearing glasses that were last fashionable in 1959 and clothes from the thrift shop that were donated when the owner died?

And from that graph, they say that the same partner gradually increases the time to ejaculation as if it’s a bad thing… You have your 2 minute sex, mouse whores.

Since they’re not seen much they have once again become “novel”. They have become fresh new looking girls to people who have become bored of the current scene.
It’s a bit like this pic:

Liz Hurley is objectively attractive but due to the Coolidge Effect partners of hers would lose some physical attraction to her and prefer someone else… eventually even someone who isn’t as objectively attractive.

I guess I’m not really applying the Coolidge Effect properly. It says “if introduced to new receptive sexual partners” - so I guess the original partner just changing into different costumes wouldn’t have such a big effect as having a genuinely new partner. I think changing clothing and hairstyles, etc, could help but may not be enough compared to a completely new partner.

I suspect the OP is probably extrapolating too far, but this sort of comment just begs the question: why has your brain evolved so as to find it fun?

It’s like saying humans like fat and sugar because they taste good. Yeah, but why do they taste good? There’s not some sort of inherent properties in either fat or sugar that make them “taste good”. They taste good because evolution favours the pursuit of highly calorific food. If they weren’t highly calorific you would never have evolved such that they tasted good to you. If sawdust gave you heaps of calories and was just what you needed for health and survival, you would have evolved such that it tasted good.

Saying “I don’t do this because I am driven by evolutionarily favoured mechanisms, I just do this because its fun” just begs the question “so why have you evolved to find it fun?”.

An example of this that often hits home is breasts. One might say “men like breasts because they have evolved to be mindlessly attracted to a woman’s secondary sexual characteristics” and a man might counter “Or maybe, just maybe, we like breasts because they look great? Dude, please”

But why exactly do men think rounded lumps of skin covered fat on the front of a woman look great? It makes no damn sense. There’s nothing inherently attractive about them at all.

About breasts and sexual attraction:

Note: it contains photos of bare breasts.

I guess the answer is in there somewhere.

Hey, Guin. Never saw you in that dress beforeeeeAAAAAaAaAA… Never mind; nap time.:o