Novels Originally in Italian, Translated in English

I’m looking to get my Italian back into shape over the summer. I am looking for some good, exciting, modern Italian literature that is available in both English and Italian for me to work with. Preferably novels or short stories. I’d like an English version to proof my translation against.

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco was published in 1983, does that count as modern?

You might pick up some Italo Calvino.

I’m liking these suggestions. I forgot about eco…Maybe Baudolino would be a good start…that’s less complicated.

I hated that novel but many people liked it: Alessandro Barricco’s Seta. It’s quite short, which is a good thing for learners.

don’t forget Don Camillo!

Primo Levi, Dario Fo.

Primo Levi’s Periodic Table short story collection, maybe?

Several of Natalia Ginzburg’s novels have been translated into English, including Tutti i nostri ieri and Caro Michele.

Isn’t Fo a playwright? What novels has he written?

Second this. It’s genius. (If you want really heavy reading, go with “Se questo è un uomo” / “Survival in Auschwitz”.)

Niccolò Ammaniti’s “Io non ho paura” / “I’m Not Scared” is a good, creepy tale (and has been made into an equally good movie).

None, as far as I know. Missed the ‘novels’ part of the OP - thought the question was about authors.