November (Thanksgiving) Honeymoon in California & Hawaii (2 weeks)

Provided my boyf’s parents’ visas come through to let them enter the US, it looks increasingly like we’ll be getting married the weekend before Thanksgiving and then taking a 2 week honeymoon through California and Hawaii.

I think one week in California and 1 week in Maui is our goal at this point. I’ve never been to Hawaii and he’s never been to California, so we’re splitting the difference and doing a 50/50 split so each of us gets to see something new.

We’d probably do Hawaii first, and California on our way back, but that’s still kind of being debated.


I lived in Pasadena for 5 years and have been all over the state with the exception of Yosemite.

Is it worth it to do Yosemite in early December?

I was thinking of a 3 day Bay Area jaunt, 1 day PCH drive, 3 days Los Angeles split. It’s split evenly even though I know popular opinion towards LA is dim-first because both of us have lots of friends there who’d want to see us, and also because I lived there and don’t think it’s that bad.


Tell me more! He’s never been to Maui (just Kauai and Oahu) and I’ve never been to Hawaii in any capacity. Other than Hana Highway and Haleakala, I’m not sure what we should be doing or which part of the island would be best around Thanksgiving.

I swear I should be getting a commission from these guys but… Hawaii Revealed is quite simply the best guidebooks I’ve ever owned. I love researching for trips and I often purchase several guidebooks before going just to read and enjoy but these were amazing. We did Kauai, Oahu and Hawaii and all three were spot on. Anything he recommended that we tried we were happy with and the one time we took someone elses advice and ignored the warning in the book he was also right.

If you’re the active type there are cabinsin Haleakala. This will only work if you’re willing/able to hike between 5 and 15 miles but I imagine the payoff would be amazing.

It’s a great time to visit Yosemite! The summer tourists are gone, and unless winter came early, the skiers haven’t filled it up again yet. Be prepared for snow – your Hawaiian clothes won’t work.