Now Dats A Spicey


I was given a bottle of Italian wine today, Bacche Bianche from Luciano Bessich, and on the label, it is recommended to be served with “sweet cakes, chocolates or spice cheeses”

What is a spice cheese?

Would I be good serving it with a spicey chocolat cheese cake?(orbital platform, nukes etc)

Don’t knock the idea of spicey chocolate, when done right, a bit of paprika in your mocha is pretty damn tastey.

Anyway, spicey cheese, what the heck is it? I’m pretty sure they aren’t refering to pepper jack🤢


Aztec hot chocolate is to DIE for!

Your wine would probably work amazingly with dark chocolate biscotti. Dunk them in the wine…mmmm…


Pepper jack, while not what they had in mind, would be a reasonable substitute. There are a lot of european cheeses embedded with peppercorns or with other interesting elements immersed in the body and/or outside of the cheese, including caraway and smoked paprika and dill and garlic and so on. I’d interpret it as “cheese with robust flavor enhancements of some ilk”

Well, nachos, of course.

Dang I’m a genius. :relaxed:

Someone gave me some ghost pepper cheese. My gf tried a piece but couldn’t finish it. I came to like it but haven’t found it for sale yet.

nods I’ve got a small brick of it in the fridge now. nom nom nom

So what are some examples of spicey cheeses that don’t have actual bits of other foods stuck into them during the making process? I don’t mind if a cheese is flavored somehow but sticking peppercorns or chunks of chilies in it is unappetizing to me.

Is that Campbell’s Nacho Cheese Soup Cheese Stuff In A Can?

You can upgrade to Velveeta and Rotel tomatoes. (Extra spicy)
And get the good chips, please.
I ain’t having no off brand!

I think that’s a non sequitur at least in English. “Spicy” cheeses are made with spices blended in or sprinkled on. There are also “strongly flavored” cheeses such as Stilton, Roquefort, and the ever humorous limburger.

Here: Bacche Bianche now we can all read the blah blah together.

It sounds like this is a sweetish white. Not a full on dessert wine, but the sort that goes well with dessert.

SInce the wine is italian, I’m going to bet the advertising blah blah on the label was originally written in Italian and later translated to English.

Here’s the corresponding page in Italian:

Which literally says “formaggi speziati” which transliterates as “cheese, spicy”

I’m going to bet they’re really talking about strongly flavored cheeses; those are commonly the sort one would have on a fruit-and-cheese-for-dessert plate.

At least some italian / English translation pages I looked at suggest the word can also mean something pretty close to “piquant”. Which is pretty close to “strongly flavored”.