Now, I'M too damn kind hearted...

Once upon a time, Xploder started a thread to bitch about his wife brining a stray dog into the house…

Well, Sunday, we had the inside doors open because it was VERY nice outside. My dog, (the aforementioned stray) starts geeking out at the front door. Mrs X looks over and says “Honey! I think there’s an animal on the porch!” I go look and sure enough, there’s this poor little puppy that’s drenched and shivering. I open the door and here comes the new stray, right on in. She’s obviously been outside for at least a few days as she’s got almost no body fat. Do I suggest taking her to the Humane Society as there aren’t any fliers up for a missing dog of this type? Nope. Xploder takes the NEW stray and decides that she can go ahead and sleep with us like Stray #1. This, of course, please Mrs X to no end.

All last night it was:

Her: Honey? is the puppy trying to get off the bed?

Me: Huh? What? No, she’s just getting to a more comfie spot…

Her: Honey? Would you move the puppy? She’s making Buddy (stray #1) lay on my legs…

Me: Huh? What? Uh…yeah…okay…snore…

Repeat all damn night…

Thank ghod I have coffee again…

I’m gonna keep this one too btw :smiley:

Hey, Xploder?

Since you’re in such a kind-hearted mood, I’ll be in town tonight, d’ya mind if I crash at yer place, too? I won’t crush Mrs. X’s legs too badly.

And you, of course, can have the couch all to yourself

Well, you can always count on the Chief to hit on your wife. Damn Navy guys. :wink:

Anyway, I’ve never understood how anyone could let their animals sleep with them. I’m a cat person myself, and I’ve loved every little kitty I’ve ever had to death, but I just don’t see them sleeping in my bed. And this is just a little cat, I can’t imagine a dog in my bed… Ewww, hair everywhere. Maybe it’s just me.

By the way, your a good man xploder. So many poor stray animals without a home.

You’re quite welcome any time Chief…course, I ain’t sleepin’ on the couch…I have a huge bed…let’s see how well you ‘perform’ under those conditions :smiley:

Thanks Simetra. The only problem really, is with stray #1, Buddy, who is a black lab. He kinda tries to take over the whole bed…sorta like kudzu…it’s really not bad as he tends to sleep for about an hour or two and then goes to sleep in the livingroom.

I keep telling myself…NO MORE STRAYS ALLOWED!!! Obviously, it doesn’t work very well.

Awww… What a sweetheart you are xploder! Does the newest canine member of your family have a name yet? 'Cause, ya know, Serendipity is a pretty good name for a fortunate little puppy that you find by accident. :smiley:

LOL Serendipity :smiley: My wife named her Sadie.

I’m thinking of posting a sign in front of my house that says:

Please drop off your stray pets here!

Of course, Mrs X would kick me dead in the butt…

He’s also forgetting to tell you that he came over to my house a few weeks ago and gave me a new hard drive. He’s been over twice this week to add a few nifty programs, he took me to the doctor last week, and he picked me up from work today.

Nope. Taking in a puppy doesn’t surprise me one damn bit. :smiley:

jeez…maybe I should just change my name to Saint Xploder.

Oh, xploder, what a nice story. It made my day. :slight_smile: Mrs. X, those two dogs, and Persephone are certainly lucky to have you around.
But I should point out that you don’t need to post a sign that strays should apply to your door. You see, animals have their own network. They watch humans very carefully and then make their selections. And they spread the word about which houses they can find the most kindness at. You should be honored that not one, but two chose to grace you with their presence.