Now it will not snow here at all the rest of the winter.

I got a new snowblower.

Your neighbors thank you for your service.

Now all you need to do is install a generator to guarantee against ice storms.

OP: don’t be so pessimistic. The snow blower will break down and you will get to use your shovel for the snow storm of the century!

So: I presume the motive was that you didn’t want to have to shovel snow.

So you got a snowblower.

So now it won’t snow again this winter.

So you won’t have to shovel snow.

So it seems as if your act of buying a snowblower has achieved its purpose.

So… Was there some kind of implied complaint in the OP?

What kind? How big? Did you spring for a Honda?

C’mon! Deliver that snow-blower porn!

As someone said to me when I made that statement. If that’s all it takes to stop the snow, I’ll buy you a new snowblower every year.

He’s lamenting that he won’t get to use his new toy!

It’s an electric (I don’t have anywhere to store gasoline). SnowJoe. 21in.

I actually couldn’t fit it in my car until I removed it from its box. It’s probably overkill, given the size of my driveway, but that won’t be a problem.

Similarly, I bought a back-scratcher and my back hasn’t itched since.

Dammit, I just knew I should have brought an umbrella when I went to Jonathan Chance’s house to watch the Great American Eclipse!

If only it wouldn’t snow again. If you are really in Schenectady, I guarantee it will snow again.