Now I've seen EVERYTHING!!!

We all probably know some incident or situation which made us do a double take and wonder, Why did they try to get away with that?

  1. In San Francisco, a number of years ago, I was waiting near Hyde and Beach for a southbound cable car. One cable car coasted down the hill, turning left off the street into a small park where the turnaround is; almost at the last moment a taxicab darted in front of the cable car, missing it by a few feet! That cabbie must have a death wish, I thought.
  2. I used to have a yard customer, a woman in her early forties with grown children. One warm summer morning when I arrived she was out in the front yard–no hedge or fence, she could be seen from the street–and she was wearing a very sheer nightie, panties, and bedroom slippers–outside where other people could see her! And she was talking with her 20-year-old son and a friend of his. Why would a supposedly mature woman DO that??! It made me wonder what goes on inside the house…

I was going to put a link up to the infamous video of that woman trying to beat the train, who got hit by it and basically exploded towards the camera. (Hope some people know what I’m talking about)

Instead, I’ve decided not to traumatize anyone the way viewing the video the first time traumatized me. Seeing that for the first time made me realize you could go at anytime, and I contemplated my own mortality for quite a few days after seeing it.

“Now, Bart, you don’t want to drink beer. That’s for daddies and kids with fake IDs.”

Hey, Stevie: Is your signature quote from Marge Simpson? :slight_smile:

Close, it is the sage advice of one Homer Simpson.

no that is a Homer piece of advice…

"the lesson is… never try… "

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Stevie, I’ve seen that. Whenever you show that or similar things to anyone, their reaction is always, “My God! How horrible!”

“You know my e-mail address, right…”

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I was on the train, just staring aimlessly out the window on my way into town, when I saw, clinging to the back of a passing train, some dipshit teen who couldn’t afford a ticket. There was nowhere to put his feet except a buffer thingy, and nowhere to hold on except the edge of the windscreen frame.


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