Now I've seen it all - weird bumper sticker

Sorry no image to link to but I saw a bumper sticker today that depicted the End of the Trail Indian holding a rebel flag. That floors me. W T ever-loving F!?

Who exactly is the demographic here?

Can you expound on what you believe the significance of that to be?

A final ‘up yours’ to critics of the ‘rebel flag’, which I take to mean ‘CSA battle flag’ or ‘CSA naval jack’, aka ‘stars and bars’ to mean the saltire, not the original meaning of it.

‘We may have been defeated, but will never surrender’ mentality.

Meh, sounds less stupid than those “coexist” written in religious symbols ones. Or the ones for candidates in elections that were held years ago.

Actually all bumperstickers are fucking stupid. I don’t care if your kid’s an honor student, you still cut me off, jackass!

Thanks to Google, I now know what an “End of the Trail Indian” is, but it doesn’t tell me the context or why I should care. Is the OP thinking that Confederacy + ethnic minority is a weird combination? Because it totally isn’t as support for the Confederacy was somewhat widespread. Tribes like the Choctaw and Chickasaw held slaves and were big supporters, while others like the Creek (Muskogee) and Cherokee were greatly divided. At least one Native American was even a Confederate general.

Exactly. The message is: We’ll be waving our flag when we’re down to the last man standing. And even after that, our ideas will live on without us. You’ll never defeat our memories.

You can even carry it a step further and say this: The whites of the late 1800s felt darn proud to fully exterminate/ domesticate the Indians, but 21st Century whites aren’t so proud of that any more. Some day the last of the proud CSA battle-flag wavers will be recognized as folks in the right who were wrongly hounded out of their societies and their homelands.
I don’t subscribe to any of this thinking, but I bet that’s what the sticker means to its author and to the folks displaying it.

The day when the CSA is widely viewed as a romantic ideal will come right after Hitler is viewed as visionary who was just ahead of his time.

In the meantime, we need to point the “Heritage, not Hate” morons to the Succession Declarations of the members of the CSA - every last one says “Preserve Slavery”.

Virginia’s is a classic:“We were ready to split years ago, but the other slave-holding states were cowards”

Yeah I guess so. I can see how it might make sense to those nutjobs but it was still a jarring graphic. Depressing.

Just to be sure you understand this: I was explaining what I think “those morons” think. I am not, in any way, one of those morons.

Saw a “cutting edge” bumper sticker yesterday:

In black and gold, even!

The NFL is such a fat target it’s almost unfairly easy to take potshots.
But that did get a real laugh out of me, not just a chuckle or a “heh.”

I saw one that really irked me. I get that motorcycles have it rough out there. I am all for safety and awareness. The “watch out for motorcycles” bumper stickers are a good thing IMO.

But the following? Not so much

“I watch out for motorcycles…do you?”

Well aren’t you fucking special?

The only thing that bumper sticker does is make me wish your douchebag ass was on some POS Harley so I could run you over.

I like the one i saw yesterday:

“My bumper sticker can beat up your bumper sticker.”

I was cut off the other day by a truck that had a bumper sticker that said, “an armed society is a polite society.” Made me wonder if he needs the treat of being shot to not drive like an asshole.

I fully support the misspelling in this post.



“No One Cares About Your Stick Family” - over a graphic of the vehicle running over stick figures.

Seen one for Baltimore, it’s a silhouette of a mouse or rat with the word Balt. superimposed over it. Even as an act of depreciation it doesn’t make sense.

Mudville on the other hand is neat.

Human Centipede stick family. Your argument is invalid.

Saw a car once with dozens of cat shaped stickers all over the back. One of them had a halo over it. I was like…OK…