now much for motorcycle insurance ?

ok, so lets say a 22 year old in NewYork buys/leases a Yamaha R1. how much would you expect the insurance to run ?

Liability only is very cheap; anything more than that, expect to pay a bundle as a young alpha male. I’ve heard figures of up to $1000/month for the young man/sport bike combination.

Full coverage for my brand-new Yamaha R1 is like $551/year. But I started riding mini-bikes when I was six, and motorcycles when I was ten. I’ve been riding longer than you’ve been alive. Longevity counts for a lot.

Is it cheaper for cruisers? I wanted a sport bike for the longest time before I actually rode one… they’re none too comfortable for the long of leg.

I’m thinking of getting a little Jap cruiser now, Yamaha has a sweet 1100, but I’d probably go with a Honda, though.

Depends wildly on the company.
IF you can get State Farm, you are in good shape. State Farm makes no provision for type of motorcycle, only engine size.

I am 29, no accidents, no tickets, and my full coverage on a 1999 R1 was $39/month through State Farm. I also have my Jeep insured through them.

hm… would they consider my car-driving record, or only one for motorcycle ( none that is ) ?

They consider your whole driving record. If you’ve had a violation within the past three years you’ll probably pay more. There is also usually an increase based on displacement. Bikes over 700cc cost more to insure than bikes over 700cc.