Now that was a DAY!!! (a little long)

Okay, so I had to take my car into the shop today. I have this check engine light that stays on (Honda Civic, the dealer has to turn it off), so I had 'em look at it. Turns out I need a new whosa-whatsit. It’s on warranty, so I don’t care either way - it’s nothing more than a nuisance to me.

Well, I made an appointment to leave it there before work and pick it up after work, so I wanted to get it there by 7:30. I left my apartment at 7:10, giving me ample time to get to the dealer before my apointment time. My roommate also works at my office, so she followed me to the place to give me a ride to work.

Problem: there is an accident on the road I take to the dealer. So traffic is HORRENDOUS … I ended up dropping the car off at just past 8:00 and ended up a half hour late for work.

The rest of the work day passes by without major issue.

At 5:15, my roommate is giving me a ride back to the place to get my car. We leave the office but … her battery is dead! First time it’s ever happened to her. So we have to jump the damn car to get it moving.

We finally get to the car place to pick up my car. Roomie drops me off and I go in. I tell them I’m there to pick up my car. It’s not ready. “Not ready?” I say. “I dropped it off at 8 this morning.” Well, it turns out that they never even started. Just didn’t get around to it. At all. The parts ordered for my car are still in the unopened box. All this for nothin’.

In the end, I’ve got a rental car so they can fix mine tomorrow and a voucher for a free oil change, all free. If the rental car doesn’t start tomorrow morning … I’ve got confirmation. There’s a god and he doesn’t like me.

Move to NYC. It’s against the law to drive here.