Now THIS vigilanteism I approve of.

Uh, cute story but sorry, I can’t agree that one should ever resort to vigilantism; particularly in this case, where the offender was about to be arrested anyway.

BTW, not trying to be inflammatory here, just asking, but do some or most flashers ever physically attack their targets, either in the act or at other times?

Being chased by 20 Catholic girls in their uniforms had always been a dream of mine. Of course, in my dream, they weren’t chasing me to beat the tar out of me.

Girl Power!!!

On the one hand…good for those girls!

On the other, are charges being pressed on them for assault? It is vigilantism, after all, and still against the law.*

[sub]that’s not to say it wasn’t right in my view.[/sub]

Sigh. You painfully consistent law and order types give me a pain. When will you learn that it is possible for one to be an outlaw and still be on the side of justice? Simply stated, the flasher got no less than what he deserved and it is refreshing to see that these girls are refusing to be victimized.

There’s a world of difference between “refusing to be victimized” and beating the shit out of someone.

I don’t agree that flashers are “sexual predators” or that they deserve to be beaten up by angry mobs. The article doesn’t say if this particular guy did more than “flash” people, but if not, then I think the reaction was extreme.

Bad: girls’ dads form a posse and shoot the bastard.

Good: girls slap the shit out him themselves.

Charged with “Corrutping the morals of a minor???”

LOL; should be charged with “awakening the moral outrage of a minor.”

Well, he’s described as a “known sexual predator” by the cops, but that’s all the detail we have, guess.

I think there’s an argument, though, that flashing can be condsidered sexual predation.

I’m afraid I don’t understand the difference.

Well, Ilsa, his actions certainly seemed to cause violent behavior in the kids… :wink:

If they really did some damage, then I agree that it’s not a good thing, especially considering that it sounds like he was basically held down while the girls took turns. But if it falls in to the category of “hurt but not injured”, I can’t say I have a real problem with the girls dealing out some nun-style justice on the dude while waiting for the cops.


Then you have a fucked sense of right and wrong.

I am ashamed to admit that was my first thought, too: I wonder if this flasher just had his fantasy fulfilled?

If so, I think we’re looking at a win-win situation.


Then enlighten me, O Moral One. Why is it bad for the girls’ fathers to fuck the guy up, but it’s good for the girls themselves to do it.

(urk . . . that last was directed to Brutus, of course.)

Not necessarily, it may be that he simply has not yet reached the level of moral development to understand the difference

Or it could just be that I don’t believe the ends justifies the means.

So, y’all just gonna keep on with the insults, or are you going to actually get off your high horses and explain the moral difference?

Something other than “it’s just obvious” would be nice.