Nuclear Spinach Dip

Yesterday I bought some delicious spinach dip and chips.
I went out to the picnic table this morning before work and enjoyed both.
Unfortunately, I neglected to take it back to the refrigerator and it sat in the sun all day.

I came back after work and the container is swollen and looks like it wants to explode in my face.
I think I should call 911 for a HAZMAT crew, but am wary of getting a mention of my dilemma mentioned in the local newspaper.



What would John Dalton do


Band name!

Default answer: Feed it to the dogs.

Nope. I could not be so cruel.
Squirrels, maybe.
However, I am reluctant to even approach the sucker.
It looks like it will explode any second now. :stuck_out_tongue:

So who will cleanup the mess? You or somebody else? How do you feel about that somebody else?

Seems to me once you answer those questions your next move will be clear. :slight_smile:

I paid a local friend to approach said container…
Sadly it ended in tragedy.
Tannerite explosion Mason County.

Poke it with a stick and see what happens…

No. I am NOT approaching this spinach dip. It looks dangerous.
I may wait until winter and hell freezes over before I approach that container of boiling juice.

Use a slingshot.

How are you fixed for liquid nitrogen?

You really shouldn’t poke things with sticks.