Nuclear War is it really coming?

Seems like its over dew.


I’m convinced. I’m having my bomb shelter plans drawn up and construction should begin within the month. Praise the Lord!

… for what? GD is the right forum for witnessing, isn’t it? Or is there now a rule saying “Hey, look at that!” isn’t actually witnessing?

Okieshowedem, if you want to talk about … whatever it is you want to talk about, that’s fine. If you’re going to link to that website every time you post, you’ll be treated as a spammer and banned.

My library book is over dew.

You mean it’s overdue?

No, it’s sitting on the lawn, over some dew!

Yes. Absolutely. As the 21st century rolls on, water will becoming an increasingly scarce and precious resource. Atmospheric moisture condensation–extracted by hardy “moisture farmers”–will become vital to the continued survival of the people of Earth. Inevitably, conflict over this much-needed resource will arise, culminating in the construction of ever-more-devastating weapons of mass destruction.

Pretty much always has been that sort of rule.

Minimal-content posts with links to incoherent websites were always frowned upon.

Us old folks are slow learners…


OK. Anyway, would you like to explain your topic a little more?

“Booklet?” It’s 39 pages, with fancy names for some of the references. TL;DR Please summarize.

I thought he might have a capitalization problem, and it was actually going to start over the Defense Early Warning system.

Any way thanks again.


What’s this thread good for?

Absolutely nothing!


Golf clap!

I see why the apostles said it would be sudden destruction.
And why we are warned in Luke 21: Be On Guard–Watch! 34 So be on your guard–see to it that your minds are never clouded with carousing, drunkenness, or anxieties and worries of this life–so that day will not come upon you unexpectedly, 35 For it will come, like a trap, on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.



And this has something to do with nuclear war? Seems to me it’s a warning not to be a selfish jerk and nothing more.

We really need to change the rules about witnessing. Like instaban, only quicker.

But the pamphlet you link to depends a lot on the book of Revelation, unfortunately:

Now, Nuclear global war was more possible a few years back, and the prophesies of the Apostles and Revelation referred to the current generation (that is, the one living on BC 33), so, sorry to say, the bible is not the right place to look for future events, particularly when the predictions were looked to take place in the now past eras and used not only against the Romans, but later the book was used against other Christians, that BTW was one of the reasons why Revelation was added to the bible: