Numb3rs: What was up with Colby?

I’m a big fan of this show, but I got way behind, so now I’m making it up. Unfortunately, I’m watching the episodes out of order, so story arcs that span episodes don’t always make sense to me. I’m still trying to figure out Larry’s space adventure.

But the story with Granger confuses me. So he was spying on his own team, and selling the secrets to the Chinese, but really, because he was always a good guy, but he was working with that deep agent with the glasses and hypodermic needles on the boat, who turned out be… Huh? And how did Ian (Lou Diamond Phillips) and the Afghanistan guy fit into this?

Wikipedia did little to enlighten me on the story.

Granger wasn’t working with the needle guy on the boat. He had been feeding hand-picked information to his army (marine?) buddy, who was feeding it to the needle guy, who was working for the Chinese. This had been going on since he was in the academy for the FBI.

I forget which Agency Granger was working for (he had reported being approached to the proper authorities), but he was in jail, then broke out of jail with his buddy. They were supposed to run up the line, so that the Agency could get the bigger fish, but the first fish up the line was needle guy, and he was a distrustful sort who wanted information and didn’t mind leaving a corpse. The Agency lost track of them and things were looking dark for our hero.

If the FBI and the magic numbers hadn’t found him in the nick of time . . .

Don’t remember the other two guys or how they fit into the arc. Unless the Afghanistan guy was the scientist who was locked up because he had sent his crop research to Afghani scientists. Someone in the government had reviewed his work and said it could be used to genetically design human pathogens. If that’s the guy, then Charlie sent the rest of his research to the same Afghani scientists, to help fight famine. Charlie lost his clearance and had to work for LAPD instead of the FBI for a few episodes, until he got cleared and got the clearance back.

The Afghanistan guy I’m talking about is Dwayne, the other guy that got arrested for treason. Apparently he saved Colby’s life in Afghanistan when they served together.

Was he Colby’s only contact, or did he have a different handler?