Number of Banned

I know discussing the previously banned in the forums can sometimes be verboten around here so I ask this with a moment of hesitance, but there has got to be a list of banned people somewhere, either by name or by IP address.

Given that the SDMB gets LOTS of traffic and our crack team of moderators does a fair amount of…well…moderating, I was just wondering how long of a list this is? Anyone know?

I remember a mod saying something along the lines of “We assumell banned members are one and the same”

Certainly the number of banned usernames exceeds the number of banned individuals; maybe the mods have a list, but then again, why would they bother?; a banned member is, by definition, something to which the mods no longer need devote very much attention.

Didn’t concrete or someone else have something like 15 usernames that were banned?

We’ve not bothered to count. One of the reasons for banishment is having multiple screen names, and some of banished try to sneak back in… 15 or 20 times. So the count of banned names, even if we had it, wouldn’t be much use.

But Cyberhwk did ask if there was a list of banned IP addresses.

But you could, readily, determine what percentage of the (currently) 31,471 usernames are banned.

You could refuse to provide the number, as a matter of policy, but it’s not hard to determine.

Just list users sorted by user status, and count the entries starting with “b” or “B”. Then add one for the “Too Stupid for Words” entry. Divide the sum by 31,471.

Soon as I have five minutes with nothin’ better to do, sure.

You forgot to muliply by the square root of pi and subtract the number you first thought of.

Paging Karnak the Magnificent . . .

your humble TubaDiva
who just knows the answer is in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnalls porch.

I heard that there were about 300 banned usernames, but only about 30-50 banned people.

Well, yes. That’s what Coldfire said.

I’d forgotten about that.

There was a full count done one time when the board had almost exactly half the members as now.
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Just double the numbers for a reasonable approximation for today.

There is more than a slight discrepancy between the cited quote of Coldfire and the one quoting Bill H.. :eek:

And if there is no list of banned members, how do you know a banned member has reappeared? :confused:

aren’t there a big group of banned people who aren’t marked banned, because they don’t want a certain sockmaster to get attention?

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That’s right. They usually stop a user from posting by just turning off the posting privileges. Banning is more trouble, and also it’s not desirable if there is some hope the problem can be sorted out by email, such as a flame war between two oldtimes. Also, names some have be deleted entirely, as has been noted before.

Gee, you seem to know a lot about this boards, considering this was your first post.

Zev Steinhardt

But is the jar hermetically sealed?

Well, the first post under that name, anyway. Also, this old troll is apparently thinking of the old UBBS. Nowadays, we just change the “user designation” from Member to Banned or BANNED, depending on who does it.

Ahem… I don’t know why you think that makes you look better somehow, but it’s just not true. Ask LA without the X. Oops, you can’t- he’s got his posting privileges turned off. So why don’t you come clean on this? What real harm is there in letting on that you know what everybody else knows, that some are Banned, some are blocked from posting, and some are erased entirely. What good does it do to pretend? Who is left to convince?