Number of "new posts".

I looked earlier today at “New Posts” and there were 217.

Right now (a few hours later) I’m seeing 49.

Later, I’m likely to see there are 145 if today follows a typical pattern.

Is there a simple explanation for this? (ideally not so simple as to make me appear a moron)

It’s probably something buried in 20yo code that worked Back Then, but doesn’t accommodate fifty more layers of features.

The count is from your last activity if you’ve logged out.

I don’t know about that. I keep clicking “New Posts” like I’ve got OCD. I’ll click it, then I’ll click it five minutes later, then suddenly, a thread pops up that’s three pages long.

And these aren’t old threads recently revived. I’m talking about thread that were started less than a day ago.

It also updates as new posts are made to existing threads.
I thought kayaker was taking a break between sessions and logging out.

Right, but it will include threads you saw before - according to some time/viewing algorithm that I’ve never been able to figure out. It doesn’t show ONLY posts that are new since the last time you asked.

This is on a computer or tablet where I never log out.

So, I’m not signing in. “New Posts” now gives me 97. I assumed it was some weird glitch in the search function.

Are you sure you’re not getting logged out automatically?
At the top left there’s a line for time last visited. Keep an eye on that.
The board auto-logs out after (40?) minutes of inactivity.

When you come back, you get logged back in without a login screen.
At least, that’s how it is on my computer.

Hmm, I’ll watch for that.

Currently:: You last visited: Today at 08:06 AM

If I’m getting logged out and back in, it’s so subtle I’ve never noticed it. I tend to leave the window open all day, as well.

Home now, on a different device (iPad).

You last visited: Today at 11:58 AM