Numeric webpage addresses (dull question, sorry)

A number of sites I visit regularly, including and seem to have an unusual method of addressing individual webpages on their sites. The actual pages end with addresses such as:,1562,34,00.html

Is this a particular naming convention or a piece of software being used? If it’s the latter, what is the software and why does it seem to be so popular? Is it simply addressing scalability for large sites?

By looking at the page source, the top line you see identifies each site as using Vignette StoryServer 4. This seems to be a piece of software that serves stories as html documents from a database (and does it badly, according to ).

Here’s a list of other places you will probably find this format (although some may just use other Vignette products):,2097,1-1-31-1495,00.html#media

And here (in that same format) is what Vignette had to say on the release of StoryServer 4:,2097,1-1-30-72-601-576,00.html

And that, folks, was my 2000th post. But to be nice to the mods, I’m not throwing a party or anything.

Thanks, waterj2 (and congrats)! If I had half a brain cell, I’d have thought about looking at the page source myself.,2097,1-1-31-1495,00.html#media,2097,1-1-30-72-601-576,00.html

My 2000th post, and I screw up vB tags. Fuck.

But don’t worry about overlooking the obvious. I figure that if we become overly good at seeing what’s right beneath our noses, we are liable to go crosseyed.