Nuptuals off when friends decline to pay for $60,000 wedding

A woman who “wanted to live like a Kardashian for a day” called off her wedding four days beforehand because her friends would not pay for the $60,000 nuptials and honeymoon. She ‘only’ asked $1500 of the friends who were forbidden from attending if they did not contribute. And she was not too nice about it either:


Oh. My. Fucking. God.

It’s so far overboard, you have to wonder if it’s fake. OTOH, there are so many crazy people out there. . . .

She sounds like the ultimate Bridezilla, and her ex-fiance is probably breathing a huge sign of relief.

p.s. Why would ANYONE want to live like a Kardashian for one SECOND, let alone one day?!??!!?!

Just to clarify, that’s 1500 each.

I’d be willing to believe it - having read things like Etiquette Hell for years, and I’ve had some friends who have had experiences along those lines, though thankfully far milder…

I do wonder how people can have the sheer gall to do these things, though.

The best part is that she no longer has any friends!

She hates them all and they don’t exactly have much use for her as well.

Yeah, I pulled my own stupid a few years ago when my betrothed told me, 72 hours before we were to be married, that her grandson’s house had burned to the ground that day, and not only that, the beloved dog died in the process. I told her we could postpone or go ahead. She said, “Go ahead.”

Stupidest thing I ever did was to agree to that.

Oh, well, divorce was final last October. That’s a better thing.

The groom saved $5K for a ring and they both saved $15k for the wedding. Fifteen thousand dollars buys a ton of beer kegs and cake.

I just like how she’s going off on 2 month adventure with no mention of taking her son with…

Too funny.


It seems way too good and hitting all the buttons to be true. There’s also a Facebook post out there of the bride’s cousin supposedly corroborating it, but it all smells off to me.

That rant is all kinds of ridiculous. The psychic part especially makes the whole thing sound fake.
However, it sounds like it was an all-inclusive destination wedding to Aruba for that price and they didn’t meet the numbers to get the package deal.

If this is true then Buddy dodged one hell of a bullet.

Concur. Still some funny shit. Perhaps should be mandatory reading for all young wimmins thinking of starting their wedding-planning.
“Hey Karli-Jade, before you open the bridal gown catalogues, how’s about you read this? Now just think Karli-Jade…do you want to be THIS bride?”*


That rant she posted could have been written by my sister. She pulls (pulled, haven’t heard from her since she cut of all communication the last time) stuff like this pretty often. All kind of crazy.

And who names their bastard child, “Declyn”? :confused:

Declan (yeah, I know, different spelling, new parents are stupid) is quite a common Irish name.

My SiL pulled that when inviting people to her birthday parties, although at only the 3-figure level. She wondered why nobody wanted to be there the second time her “invitations” included having to bring food, pay to enter the club where the party was held, and of course bring presents which totally matched her wishes without her having had to provide any kind of list or whatever.

We’re just ungrateful, selfish and completely uncouth, I guess.

A woman I used to work with once showed me a wedding invitation she’d received. It started out "mr and mrs X are delighted to invite you on the occasion of the wedding of their daughter Y to Z blah blah (formal language, gold lettering etc), then at the end “as this is in an informal occasion, please bring a repast (yes, that’s the word they used) for 2” :smiley:

Hell, I am just getting used to online registries. I would not pay to go to any kinda party. I might bring a hostess gift or a birthday gift. If I feel like it.

And of course it is now de rigeur for Aussie brides to want to get married in Bali, Phuket, or similar exotic locations, because Caroline Springs and Narre Warren just don’t cut it. :smiley:

AND they expect their guests to pay their own airfares/accommodation and living expenses whilst attending the gauche nuptials overseas.

Gimme a break. You want me to come to your wedding? YOU PAY. Simples. :slight_smile: