NurseCarmen is on my sh*t list!

This isn’t a real flame, so I’m not putting it in the Pit. Mods, if’n you disagree, please feel free to move it.

So I’m down the street from work at Target with my cow-orker when I see NurseCarmen. Somehow, his real (and very common) name escapes me and I start yelling, “NurseCarmen! NurseCarmen!”

He turns around and we exchange pleasantries. I introduce him to my cow-orker and he says to her, “Wow, do you know what Gazelle does all day?”

For this, he must pay.

Luckily, I was with a cow-orker whom I consider a friend.

But still, he must pay.

How shall I torture the dear Nursie?

P.S. This happened about a week ago. I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t had a chance to post about it. Haha! My proof that I don’t spend all my time on the 'Dope!

Dude/dudette, youre in denial. Accept the truth and..............wait, whats the problem again?

NurseCarmen hinted to my cow-orker that I’m on the Internet all the time.

::re-reading OP::

Was that not clear? ::scratching head::

See? Look at the post time! You’re at work! You are sooooooooo Busted!

Okay, okay, I did kinda have a vague funny taste in my mouth immediatley after I said that. It tasted like foot.

I promise to keep your dirty little secret next time I run into you. For now, I gotta run. You see, it’s 10 am and I still haven’t perused Great Debates or General Questions! I’ve got a busy day ahead! If GD is thin, I may even have to go to Cafe Society!

You know I lubs ya, NurseCarmen.

I had to give you crap. And now it is done.

:slight_smile: No harm, no foul.

Big skanky love and a green plug.

I thought we weren’t allowed to talk about who was on our sh*t list!

Oh wait, that’s another list. Never mind.:o

Let this be a lesson to all of you out there…If your job is cush enough that you can surf all day with little or no thought of actual work, keep it a secret. And if you see another person who you know to be in the same situation, keep your mouth shut. We’ve got a special thing going here, let’s not rock the boat. For all I knew, that could have been Gazelle’s boss I was blabbing to! Man, what an idiot I would have felt like then! Now, if you’ll pardon me, it’s nap time.


Yeah, so when are we gonna blow off work and have lunch downtown again?

Good question, Ino. :wink:

How does Halloween look for everyone? Will any Dopers be in costume if’n we have it that day?

I’ll dress up as a trembling corporate drone on the verge of snapping and going insane, GazeIIe, but Halloween is so far away!

And Nursie, you’re a goof.


A much ballyhooed pot luck is in store on my floor for all hallows. My world famous cocktail weenies (no snide jokes please) are anticipated. So the 31st is a no go for me.

Uhnkay. Hmm… How about November 7?

Sooner! Sooner! SOONER!


Wow Elenfair. I had no idea you were an Oklahoma fan. Buh dump bump <cymbal crash>

I cain’t go this week and we want this thing on a Friday, right?

Oh. That leaves October 25, right? How about that day?

Is anyone tired of meeting at MarketPlace? 'cause I love that place and will continue to schedule our DopeLunches for there until I’m dragged, kicking and screaming to Chipotle or whatever.


[homer]bar-b-que chicken pizza. mmmmmmggglglggllllllgll[/homer]

Friday? Bah, I’ll take any excuse for lunch. But the 25th is fine with me.

Um, in the Punky Universe, the 25th is a Saturday. If you really mean Friday, and you’re willing to meet early, I’ll be there. I’m taking all three of my dogs to Iowa for the weekend, and we need to leave town. (I’m just guessing that Marketplace won’t let me bring them in. Restaurants are so biased against Canine-Americans.)

Early as in 11 or 11:30. Not early as in breakfast.

11:00 AM on Friday, October 24, it is. I’ll start a thread right away.


NurseCarmen is a BOY?