Nutjobs should be sterilized.

That’s pretty much it. Lame, perhaps, but just.

Sometimes, a sterilization IS a nutjob.


I have some questions for you, Fuji Kitakyusho
What line of thinking lead to the conclusion in the OP? What is your definition of a “nutjob”? What are the pre-requisites to be classified as such? Who is to determine whether an indivdual is a “nutjob”? Do you mean Eugenics, or another similar program to deal with this?

This is a can of worms I’ll wager you will soon wish you hadn’t opened, because I’m certain that at least once in your life you have seemed like a “nutjob” to someone. Now, if it were the law that “nutjobs” get sterilized, where would that leave you? Unable to produce offspring for one if the person observing you had to power to make it so.

Take a look at this site closely, is this what you really want?

Person diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and bipolar checking in.

Umm, did you have people like me in mind?

How about if I disagree with the diagnosis? Do you take my word for it? Do you take the shrink’s word for it?

Kindly clarify.

Sometimes three generations of imbiciles is enough.


EVERYONE should be sterilized.

It would solve all our problems within one generation.

It would be nice if the people we all agree are nutjobs were sterilized, but we can’t make that happen without massive collateral damage.

All extremists should be shot.

Any questions?

Couldn’t that be classified as an extremist view in itself? :wink:


Anyone else?


And here I was all proud of my pun.


Actually, I’ve often thought that a vasectomy should be perfomred on every male at birth. Then, when you want kids, you would have to apply for a permit to prove you would be able to support said kids. If such a permit was granted, you could have the vasectomy reversed or collect the sperm through artificial means…

Hey! Oh . . . never mind.

Sigh. One of the many bits of collateral damage of a sterilization-until-proven-competent system: you’d be selecting for people who fit your criteria or criminals.

That has got to be the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard.

Nah, I have heard worse.

Yeah? Like what?

But I want to know what Fuji’s definition of a ‘nutjob’ is.

Are you talking about people with a psychiatric disability or an intellectual disability? Or are you talking about those garden-variety nutters, you know, like Trekkies or Sports-fans?

I need to know!!!

GREAT. So the federal government, which most people don’t trust to regulate anything of consequence, should now be in the business of regulating whether people can have children? Holy shit, it’s so absurd it HAS to work! :rolleyes:

If you sterilized the “nutjobs” how would it affect future Darwin Award winners?..You would seriously affect my future amusement…