nVidia making pornographic demos?

This has been posted widely over the net lately, but I thought I’d like to see what the SDMB has to say about it. Here’s some background: Up until about 8 months ago, nVidia was the undisputed graphics card king when it came to performance. They also were to release a new video card – the GeForceFX around that time. It was to be the first nvidia card incorporating 3dfx technology (which nvidia bought out a couple years earlier). To show off the technology, they created several demos, one of which was named “Dawn” which can be seen here http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=demo_dawn (not pornographic but very visually impressive). Now that people are beginning to receive their GeForceFX cards, they can render the demos themselves. Now here’s where it gets interesting: if you go through the texture files, there is a “nude” Dawn. If you play around a little you can also have a naked Dawn dancing around on your screen. The texture files are of a pornographic nature, showing not only the breasts, but a vagina and shot from the rear end. The vagina is “partially” covered with a very small leaf, and from what I remember from seeing the file (it’s not something I would like to see again), it appears that the vagina is shaved. I’m not going to post any links, but I would like to see what you guys think about this.

I’m all for it.

The artists probably made a porn version of the texture set to amuse themselves. The demo defaults to using the non-adult textures when it runs, so the average person won’t see it. Other games have cheats that unlock additional content. I don’t think its a big deal.

I prefer Usenet, myself. There’s enough free, high-quality porn there to choke a thousand chickens. :slight_smile:

If it wheren’t for the fact the GeforceFX barely outperforms the cheaper and older Radeon9700Pro, this would almost make me get one. And this is from a happy Geforce4 Ti4600 owner.

mmmm… vertex-shaded pixie…

Some videogame circa 1996 made by Mad Dog, Red Dog software, something like that had something similar.

When you booted the SNES (I think) and help down certain buttons, instead of the normal splash screen, you get one that featured a nude woman instead of a dog.

Never saw it myself, but it was shown in an issue of the now-defunct “Game Players” magazine. All hail Gazuga.

Man, is this post the antithesis of the SDMB or what? “Something somewhere did something sorta like that.” Sheesh.

It’s easier to render smooth surfaces. Hair is quite hard to make look reslistic.


uh yea…thats what they were thinking…totally saving time <ahem>

Heh. I still have those Game Players books with the Gazuga stuff in them somewhere. It’s the Genesis you are thinking about, and the game is “Rings of Power”. I’ve only seen it in the magazine also, though I guess we could perform experiments with emulators.

Per this thread I DL’d the 72 meg demo to run on one of the PC’s I have with a Nvidia card. It installed into a Nvidia folder under Program Files and while there are lots of files I don’t see any obvious executable.

How do I get it to run?

It should be in the start menu under ‘Nvidia demos’ but unfortunately it won’t run for me, saying I need


I guess that means no naked 3d rendered babes for me :frowning:

Shucks, Incubus. I guess you’ll just have to go to one of the other 4 billion zillion porn sites on the web, then. :wink:

Astro, you need either the GeForce FX to run the demo or the FX emulator, which will be extremely slow and is available from the nvidia website, I believe. To view the textures you need nvidia’s plugin for photoshop and then fire away ;).