NY or CHI pizza?

I lied one more foody thread, this is it, honest

No contest. New York pizza is the One True Pizza.

But others can be very, very good.

I live in Chicago, I’ve been to New York.

Chicago all the way.

I like them both about the same.

I find them both inferior to “regular” pizza.

Anything but Boston.

If forced to choose between those two I’d pick NY stye, but really I’d much rather have a Detroit style pizza (not to be confused with pizza from one of the chains that developed in MI)

Both, but I’m partial to NY.

New York style made in New Jersey. Deep dish can be good but it’s not pizza.

Moved to Chicago, have lived in NYC, and vastly prefer Chicago style. Never had a New York style slice that I enjoyed. It always struck me as overly greasy.

Generally I dream About Chicago much more. I love them both, but it’s pretty easy to find a passing-to-good NY style anywhere in the country. But there are vast areas of the country where you just can’t find a Chicago style pizza worth a crap for anything.

If presented with good versions of both I’d generally go with the NY style (though I find mediocre Chicago better than mediocre NY).

But I’ve had pizza is all kinds of variations that were great.

Neither. The best is New Haven-style pizza. Now some people will tell you that the best pizza in New Haven is found at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (founded 1925), while others will claim that the best is at Sally’s Apizza (founded 1938), down the street. But they’re both wrong, as the best is at Modern Apizza (founded 1934) on State Street.

Weakly both - but I much prefer NY, so that’s what I voted for. My formative pizza experiences were in NYC back in 1rst and 2nd grade, so that pretty much locked in my preference even though I’ve now spent over 3/4 of my life in California.

Chicago thin crust.

Me too. I much prefer Pizza Hut thin crust any day of the week.


Wow…I absolutely want to try that!

I voted Chicago, because when I make a pizza, it’s usually so thick it’s more like quiche. :stuck_out_tongue: A cheesy, heart-attack-inducing quiche.

Really, more like a wedge of cheese studded with sausage and anchovies.

There’s such a thing?! I thought “Chicago-style” meant “deep-dish”.

Nope, Chicago has 3 kinds and that’s why it needs to win the thread.

The Chicago Thin, square cut natch, is the epitome of pizza. Crispy, cracker crust with tangy sauce and thick cut pepperoni. Divine. Deep Dish is what most of the tourists think of and it’s great when you’re in the mood. I find Unos and Ginos to be a bit too crusty for my taste, but if you go with the supreme the toppings steal the show. Then there’s the forgotten Stuffed. Often confused with Deep Dish, stuffed is variety in and of itself and it’s what I crave when I want a belly bomb. Thinner crust, more cheese and toppings, this is a true pizza pie.

Need a better definition here–I haven’t been all that impressed with pizza here in the Apple, and have to figure it means something more than just whatever I pick up for a couple bucks at Two Bros. Does NY style just refer to the big-azz foldable slices? I like folding a slice, sure, but there’s gotta be more to it than that. IMO, crust should either be thin or so damn good that you’re happy there’s so damn much of it; sauce should be bright, not too sweet, and with a bit of spice; toppings should be fresh and not too heavily applied (though I make exceptions here… with caution, as a too-heavily topped pizza can develop structural issues). And cheese should stretch, and have a bit of caramelization. Is this all too much to ask?