NY Times - Trump helped parents use fraud to dodge taxes

Another day another story but this one is from the 90s and both his parents are dead.


Might be hard to prove this so long after the fact

There’s no statute of limitations on tax underpayment due to income not being reported. Since the NYT apparently relied on existing documents to investigate this fraud, and the IRS/New York revenue Authority can do the same, I strongly suspect Trump is in for a rough ride.

Please let there be state charges so he can’t simply pardon himself. Too bad the IRS and NY tax authorities didn’t have the resources and/or inclination to pursue this years ago to spare the nation this inflamed and fetid boil on its nether region.

Statement from the NY State Taxation authority: “The Tax Department is reviewing the allegations in the NYT article and is vigorously pursuing all appropriate avenues of investigation.”

I would think this would be easy to prove with the money trail. The self made man thing was so obviously bullshit, that anyone who believed it before will still believe it now.

“Trump said numerous times as a presidential candidate that he had received the “very small” $1 million loan from his father. But the newspaper’s investigation found that Trump had actually been lent at least $60.7 million. The article claims the Trump family committed “instances of outright fraud,” with the president himself receiving today’s equivalent of $413 million from the real estate holdings of his father, the Times reported while citing 100,000 documents and interviews with former family associates.”

I sure hope this is some real shit, and they nail the bastard to the fucking wall. But it would probably just amount to Trump paying fines, right? If so, I hope they’re some real fucking fines. It would be wonderful if the failing New York Times stuck it to Trump.
But I’m not going to get excited. Not till I hear handcuffs clicking.
(Wait, I should rephrase that. That sounded weird.)

It might just be fines. But it’s another piece of proof for those around the fringes of the Trump fandom (those that are willing to look at evidence) that Trump is full of shit with his “brilliant businessman” claims.

The guy took nearly half a billion dollars from his father and still managed to screw things up so thoroughly that he had to declare bankruptcy four times.

from a good source they have been working on this story since Jan 2017, right after he took office.

It is very hard to get jail time over taxes. The government needs to absolutely prove your state of mind that you knew that you were filing false tax returns showing a lower liability than you actually knew you had, and not just that you used some shady methods recommended by some shady lawyers and accountants to help you pay less tax that you really don’t know anything about. People that generally have those people in between can generally show some sort of ignorance, if only feigned, that what they were doing was not legal, and proving that they knew it was illegal generally requires an affirmative statement from them to that effect.

There is a statute of limitations for income taxes on misstatements not arising from fraud, at least federally, up to 6 years if the misstatement was over 25% of total income. There is no statute of limitations on fraudulent underreporting of income, but again, that fraud has to be proven in court. This is the civil standard, not criminal as in the above paragraph, so isn’t quite as hard, but it’s still hard, often due to lack of evidence. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwood/2013/10/13/how-far-back-can-irs-claim-tax-evasion-or-fraud-timing-is-everything/#75efdf752c24

What he did a few decades ago isn’t the story; it’s what he’s been doing over the last 5-10 years. That Donald Trump sucked on the teat of his father’s billions isn’t the real story; it’s that he sucked those boobs dry and went bankrupt.

Donald Trump not only never repaid his father (that’s obvious) - but (also obvious) he has also almost certainly been sucking on someone else’s bosom to keep his financial shampire alive.

Now let’s see…кто это может быть?

Trump tried to cheat his father while serving as executor of his father’s will, so Fred took the information to his daughter the judge, who got it fixed.

remember when talking about jail there is still the question of whether a president can be indicted.

also can he be impeached for crimes before he took office?

I don’t think that’s what’s on Donnie’s mind.

He’s worried people are going to start figuring out that he’s not some financial whiz, and that he’s just good at generating revenue by being a circus freak and that whatever money he makes, he burns right through in a flash. As I’ve said over and over again: he’s a fake billionaire. People will eventually find out but they might not immediately care.

A bigger story, though, is that he’s now obviously being supported by someone – or more to the point, some group of international oligarchs in Russia. Remember that look that Trump had when he came out of his Putin meeting? The one where he looked as though he’d just gotten the news that he hasn’t a penny to his name and that the bank’s putting locks on his doors tonight? That was the look of a guy who was reminded by Putin that he owns Trump, and he can take away his fake wealth any time he wants to.

There’s no precedent (ha!) for impeaching a President for activities occurring before taking office. IIRC there was considerable intent that impeachment serves as a curb on abuse of presidential power, and not as a test of character. But it’s not explicit, and I’m fucked if I know what the legal precedents around this are.

Any legal eagles have the deets to mind?

I would say this is entirely new territory - until now, our Presidents have already lived a good portion of thier lives in office of one kind or another - subjecting themselves to a scrutiny that this type of criminal behavior rarely would go unnoticed. this is the first time a career criminal has made it to the highest office in the land.

Seems like an insane amount of time just to basically show Trump lied about taxes. No one will get in trouble, no one is getting impeached, his base doesn’t care, people like me know rich people try to legally and illegally skirt paying taxes.

I suppose I know some details, but tax details are boring. Maybe I’m just too used to our President being involved with porn stars and Russians.

It’s trite and cliche, but…tax details ended Capone. I’ve seen The Untouchables too many times not to find that stuff exciting.

Also, if it hold water it’s an impressive piece of journalistic effort. I’m glad that’s not dead.

And hard on the heels of the Times story, it seems *Forbes is about to downgrade Trump on their 400 list, from 248 (in 2017) to somewhere in the 380 range (per tonight’s All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC). This has been mostly ascribed to the Trump brand rapidly losing whatever cachet it once had. That’s got to sting a bit.

At this point can there really be any Trump fans that are willing to look at evidence?

Basically, yes.

Americans are dumb voters, and because of that, they will give the rich guy who knows how to make money and who’s gonna make us rich, a pass. Not to mention he inherited a good economy that keeps getting better. The bottom will fall out, though. And suddenly, these bookmarked references will start to make sense to Trump volk.