NYC Dopers: Is the Belvedere Hotel an okay place to stay?

I found out a few days ago that Jandek will be playing 3 shows in the US soon, and one of them is in NYC. I started looking at flights and hotels and I can get a room at the Belvedere (with airfare) for a fair price, but I know nothing about it’s location or anything.

The travel site tells me it’s right near the Theatre District, but the Jandek show is at the Anthology Film Archives at 32 2nd Avenue. I gather that this is a 30 or 40 block walk (I’m okay with that, I think), but I don’t want to check into a fleabag hotel.

Can anyone help me out with info on the Belvedere?

Also, are any other dopers planning on attending this concert (or one of his other 2 shows in Austin or New Orleans)?



Definatly not a fleabag. Good moderate hotel by NYC standards. There are many good choices closer to the venue but this one is right by “Resturant Row” (not like finding a resturant in NYC is hard!) and near Times Square. Quiet street. Have fun.

I stayed there recently when we went to see Spamalot. Decent and quite cheap by New York City standards. Good-sized rooms too.

Just be aware that the restaurant they bill as part of the hotel is actually on the next block and you have to walk all the way around to enter it. Which isn’t a big deal unless a thunderstorm hits as soon as you leave the hotel. :eek:

The Belvedere is decent enough. If you’re not used to NYC hotels, be sure to reset your expectations vis a vis size down a bit from Vegas. Just because the room is small, doesn’t mean it’s not a good hotel. The Waldorf=Astoria, for instance, has quite small rooms [mostly; I’m sure there are big suites that I’ve never seen].

Also, you should be aware that unlike many cities, it’s often possible to get a better rate on weekends in NY. At the aforementioned W=A, for instance, I used to be able to get a room for $170-200 a night, about half the weekday rate (although the last time I did that was two years ago).

Yes, the Belvedere is a nice hotel, and a great deal, but my God that’s a long way from 32 2nd Ave. The Belvedere is on 8th Ave., between 49th and 50th, and where you want to go is 6 long blocks East and 50 short blocks South.

Of course when I say it’s a long way it’s only because you suggested walking. I suggest visiting and plugging in the addresses. It’ll give you a map and subway directions, like Mapquest but for New York. Have fun!

Thanks for the info, y’all.

I thought I could prolly take the subway or a cab if it was too far to walk. Hopefully I will have a guide, sorta, and she will keep me from walking for an hour when I could catch the subway for 8 minutes.

New York City, here I come!