NYC dopers: Most romantic restaurant in NYC?

I’m looking for a nice, romantic restaurant in manhattan. Something with dim lighting, some candle son the table, maybe even a nice view. But there are three other requirements:

  1. It won’t brake the bank.

  2. It will server good food (italian, japanese, french, is fine).

  3. It will have a parking lot nearby, or won’t require too much of a walk from a path train station.

Any and all suggesitons welcomed! :slight_smile:

Number three is going to be a deal-breaker, I’m afraid. Take a cab. There’s very few parking lots in the city and they tend to be in unexciting neighborhoods where land can be wasted on cars.

The Boathouse in Central Park is wonderful, although it may sometimes violate Rule #1.

The West Village is filled with places just like you describe. Take the PATh to Christopher Street and start walking around in circles. Bedford, Leroy, Barrow, and Hudson streets are good places to start.

Tavern on the Green has good specials sometimes.

I’m a fan of Cafe Loup in the West Village… there’s construction going on outside, so there’s no view, but it has amazing French food and is right off of 6th Avenue (Path train a block away).

Thanks for the recommendations so far guys.

Cabs are definately not out of the question, only been to manhattan a few times, usually late at night, you could pick up a cab in any street corner, right? :slight_smile:

NotWithoutRage How long an advance should I get reservations for Cafe Loup? (It’s got really good reviews :slight_smile: ).

Depends what night you’re going – I’d say a week in advance, if you’re going on a weekend. If not, two days before should be fine. Ask for Jim.