NYC, Here I Come

I’ll be heading to NYC for a long weekend Nov. 8th - Nov. 13th. I’ve been there a few times before but in the past I’ve stayed with friends or relatives outside of the city and just went to NYC for day trips. This time we’ll be spending the whole time downtown.

Some things I was thinking of doing:

[li]Going to a live taping of The Daily Show. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get tickets or not. I’m going to call today.[/li][li]Going to a Broadway or off-Broadway show. Any recommendations from NYC Dopers? I thought about going to see The Producers but it may not be possible to get tickets to this show.[/li][li]Going to a yummy restaurant. Any suggestions? We usually wind up in an ethnic (usually Indian) restaurant on St. Mark’s[/li][li]Staying at one of the budget hotels listed at this site. Any recommendations or warnings about any of these hotels?[/li][li]Possibly meeting up with some Dopers for lunch, dinner, drunken debauchery. Any volunteers?[/li][/ol]

I’d appreciate any advice, comments, or even humorous drive by postings.

[sub]Doing my part to boost the NYC economy.[/sub]

Ok. I’ll even buy the first round.

I think we are going to have dinner on Thursday, November 8th. You should make that one! We still haven’t picked a place, but I’m sure it will be good when we do. Keep an eye on this thread.

DaLovin’ Dj

No matter what Bobby Stevens said in the 3rd grade, I DO NOT have cooties. And even if I did, you can always bring your cootie spray to dinner.

Does anyone have anything to say about NYC? Come on people. Don’t make me turn to Fodor’s.

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You should see the devasted site at the WTC. It’s much different than seeing it on television.

I love the midtown TKTS booth. It’s around 49th & Bway. Half price tickets for Broadway shows (for that day’s performance). Get on line by noon. Forget about the Producers.

In Manhattan, it’s hard to go wrong simply by stepping out the door and going for a walk. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is nice. Most of my out-of-town friends have thought Brooklyn the best part of our walks!

Save the 15 bucks you’d spend on the Fodor’s for an olive pizza at Grimaldi’s.

Here you go pal. Read my NYC picks from this oldie-but-goodie thread:

[kingrat** thanks for the advice about the TKTS booth. I had completely forgotten that existed. I’ll take your advice and give it a try. Good point about the walks too. That’s something my husband and I love to do on vacation anyway. When we were in San Francisco we walked up and down and all around that town. It helped to offset the enormous amount of food we were eating.

stuyguy thanks for the the Grimaldi’s tip and the link!

P.S. Kingrat, we are also planning a trip down to the WTC site. I just didn’t include it in my OP because it looked out of place amongst the more frivolous destinations. We will be going there to pay our respects in our own small way.

Grimaldi’s is under the Brooklyn Bridge–how about a nice walk over the bridge then lunch or dinner at Grimaldi’s? Then a walk over to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for a one-of-kind view of lower Manhattan.

Just to clarify the TKTS booth hours–Get on line by noon for a matinee performance. If you want to see an evening show, they don’t start selling those tickets until 3pm.

I liked that link too.