NYC: Recommend me a sex shop!

(or does this belong in IMHO?)

My friend and I will be spending the day hanging out in the city on Thursday and she has insisted we check out a sex shop. Good times. However, neither of us know of any stores in particular, so I seek your help. We’ll definitely be in Times Square and the west village, so something in those neighborhoods would be greatly appreciated.


Sex shops in NYC

Oooh thanks Otto!

The Pink Pussycat looks like a good place to end up, we’ll definitely be near there. Anyone been there?

I’ve been to the Pink Pussycat. It was much, much smaller than I expected and wasn’t anything special. There are stores here in Richmond that are bigger and have a better selection.

I have been a patron of the Pink Pussycat on two occasions and been thanked for it. But I’d have to say, if you’re looking for more of a “fun time,” suitable for spurring conversation and getting a nervous laugh or two, then Toys in Babeland is what you want.