NYC's first cyclist death of 2014 is my former co-worker.

Cite for first cyclist death comes from this article on DNAinfo about it.

He was hit by a bus that was pulling out of a bus stop while he was passing it and he fell underneath the wheels.

He was a good guy who was supporting his family back in Mexico and he was going back to school as well. I’m not quite sure exactly what he was majoring in, but I’m fairly certain it was something related to psychology. I used to help him order text books off Amazon. Once I was incredibly bored at work and he gave me Arthur Miller’s autobiography, Timebends**, to read. I kept forgetting to give it back and he said it wasn’t important, so I still have it.

Since his family is in Mexico, his college and some of his current co-workers are dealing with the logistics of his body. I’m not exactly sure why, but apparently the morgue is refusing to release his body so a wake that was going to be held in New York this week (before sending his body back to Mexico presumably) was canceled. He was a citizen of Mexico so I asked if anyone had contacted the Mexican consulate for assistance and I did not hear back. Would that be the correct thing to do?

Anyway, it’s a huge bummer. It’s not exactly clear if the accident was his fault or not. Either way, it definitely serves as a reminder to be extremely careful when you’re out on the road on a bicycle as one mistake can end in tragedy.

I am very sorry for your loss. I have had more than my fair share of friends, acquaintances and coworkers killed accidentally throughout the years. It teaches you to never let your guard down. Everything can go from fine to deadly in just a second or two out of nowhere.

Thanks. I always try to be mindful, but some things just happen out of nowhere.

As a fellow cyclist, I am sorry for your loss.

I’ve had one cycling friend killed by a drunk driver. Even though it happened many years ago, it still saddens me at times.

Consulates can be very helpful in these situations. And I think someone will need to contact the Consulate to deal with the necessary paperwork for the body to be allowed to enter Mexico. In Chicago, anyway, there’s one funeral home that does this all the time and basically everyone uses them - there must be something similar in New York. (A co-worker of mine had to deal with this when her grandmother died a couple of years ago - I don’t know all the specifics, but I can ask if you think it would help.)

Thanks JerrySTL and I’m sorry about your friend. I hope the drunk driver was prosecuted and served time. Too many drivers (at least in New York) get away with just a ticket for killing someone.

Thanks for the advice Eva Luna. Presumably someone has contacted the consulate at this point. I don’t know any details. A mutual acquaintance just said the reason for the body not being released was “bullshit” but did not respond when I asked for specifics and recommended getting in touch with the consulate.