NYPD Blue 2/25/03

OK, is there anyone besides me who really enjoyed seeing Theo get an eye full of Connie?

And Andy, when asked by Connie if he had dropped Theo off at school, replying that he had dropped him off at Hooters, because “he insisted!”

Gratuitous, but nice – I was pleasantly surprised that neither Theo nor Andy went goofy over it.


I enjoyed me getting an eyeful of Connie.

One thing that ticked me off about this episode was the blurb that described the episode in the TiVo listings (and I assume in other listings elsewhere). Something like, “The detectives investigate a stripper who hires someone to kill her husband. John’s father commits suicide.”

HEY!!! HOW ABOUT SOME SPOILER WARNINGS THERE, CHEIF!! I wish I hadn’t known about Clark’s suicide ahead of time, it ruined it for me. Ealier in the ep Clark complained that dad wasn’t picking up the phone, I didn’t want to know he was dead.

grumble grumble grumble

I was so mad I had to go back to the beginning and watch the Connie/Theo scene again to cheer myself up.

I’ve had spoiler problems before with the Info text on DirecTV. As a matter of fact, I think the one time it really made me mad was also with NYPD Blue (I don’t remember the exact episode, except that I think it was earlier this season). Now that I think about it, I think it had to do with John being framed, arrested, or something like that. I definitely remember wishing I didn’t already know when it got to that point in the episode.

In agreement with everything that’s been said so far. My wife and I both dropped our jaws at how much (extemely fine) skin was shown. The spoilers in the TV listings really sucked. The episode itself I thought was quite good, reminiscent of the early days of the show.

Yahoo described it the same way. Grr…

It’s really nothing more than we’ve seen before with this show. . .I though we had to see everyone’s butt at sometime or another :slight_smile: (not that I’m complaining in this instance :stuck_out_tongue: )

What has succeeded in dropping my jaw lately is the network no-no’s they’ve been allowed to say. In the last few weeks, I’ve caught at least two “bull shits!”–one from Connie a couple of weeks ago (upset at a mother who didn’t seem to care about her child, or something like that) and another from Medavoy, I think last week?, maybe talking to this Julian guy, I don’t remember exactly. Contributed a LOT to the realism (although NYPD Blue seems to do very well at being real without swearing), but it just jumped out at me as not what I’m used to hearing on ABC.

TV Guide described the episode as “An attempt on the life of Andy’s most annoying snitch leads to a trail of clues that leave the poor guy wishing he was dead. John’s father makes a grim move.”

I suppose you could have figured the worst when John said he wasn’t answer his calls.

Was Andy’s set up of the suicide as an “accident, he was cleaning his gun” the right thing to do? Not really, but definately in charactor.

Agreed, we need more Connie, but I think this marks the beginning of the end for her. She’ll be dead by season’s end.

I was peeved at GuidePlus too, they tipped the suicide. They all must get their summary from the same source, but the TV guide guy had enough sense to edit it.

I hadn’t seen the show for a while before the other night. I knew they liked to have brief flashes of nudity, but…damn! Not complaining, of course. (Nice, solidly-built woman; doesn’t look like a stick insect.)

Baldwin, Nice to see you posting here. I most surely did enjoy seeing your naked butt on NYPDB.

Anytime a relative or friend doesn’t answer the phone on NYPB, it’s a good bet they’re dead.
The suicide was not much of a surprise because the “disgraced older cop commits suicide in the bath tub” thing has been done a couple of times (although at least once it may have been on Hill Street – I can’t keep the older stuff straight).
One time Sipowicz/Buntz insisted that the cop-in-the-bath-tub was not dead, because he wanted the body removed from the house so the family would not have to deal with it while the crime scene was being investigated.

Beg to differ slightly, troub. It’s true we’ve seen a lot of bare butts, (although not nearly as many over the past few seasons), but the scene where only Connie’s arm and little hand kept her from showing full-frontal seemed like a bit more than we are used to.

The “bullshits” took me by surprise, too, but they do add to the authenticity, and don’t seem any more offensive than the “assholes” they’ve used from the beginning.

Gee, I can’t remember the last time there was an NYPD Blue thread. If it takes Connie getting naked to spark interest, I say have her naked in every episode.

Hell, I say have her naked in every episode anyway.:smiley:

Speaking of naked Connie—you can download the clip here. It’s 15 meg—but worth it! It shows in regular speed, then slow-motion.

What a funny (and fun) scene. But the best part was the Hooter’s comment by Sipowitz.

I love this show.

Uh-oh—the link was to an FTP site—it locks up. Mods, can you delete the last post of mine?

Try this link for the video clip:


Hey, can I talk anyone into a brief recap of how Clark got out of jail? We missed that episode.

“Bullshit” is the new word that was added to the approved list for NYPD Blue this year. The NYPD Blue Online website was tracking the “bullshits” for a while at the beginning of the season. I’m pretty sure there has been at least one an episode. They stopped tracking when the word became fairly routine.

Charlotte Ross did show more than has been seen before on Blue, particularly for a woman. But it’s all good – she has a good body, but one that is still realistic looking, which is nice to see.

I thought the episode was great, but Blue is still one of my favorite shows anyway.

Brynda - The short answer to your question is that Laughlin had framed Clark, and Laughlin’s partner Shannon eventually turned him in (with encouragement from Andy).

You can read a recap of the episode here.

That is a great site, Spoiler Virgin. I like to go there even if I have seen the show. Amanda writes great reviews.

Alan Sepinwall’s NYPD Blue Home Page.