Aaargh! D'oh! Missed NYPD Blue - again!

Shoot! I didn’t go to work Monday, so Tuesday felt like Monday. Wednesday feels like Tuesday.

I’m sitting around, reading the Dope, and wondering what’s gonna happen on Blue tonight. And it ain’t tonight! It was last night! You’d think when a person watches only one freakin’ TV show, they’d remember to turn it on.

Did I miss anything important?

Diane ended things with Danny.

A woman faked a rape to get money out of a hotel chain. Didn’t we just see that on Law and Order, btw?

A pimp for “unusual” prostitutes was killed. Metavoy was very fascinated by them. The fact that millions of people (including me) have “little people” issues was outed on national television. I experienced catharsis.

Magdalene, thanks. Your catharsis? Was it about little people or prostitutes? (Just flashing on your username.)

Anything special happen, for Diane to drop Danny? That could have been an interesting relationship.

Did Andy’s ex-wife stay gone?

Heck, I’ll make sure I watch it next week, catch up with yesterday’s show in the intro.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Little people. :shudder:

I fear 3 things: clowns, midgets, and monkeys dressed in clothes.

Diane ended the relationship because it brought back all her feelings for Bobby and she’s not ready yet.