NYS Capital Region Dopers?

I know there’re a few people within a reasonable distance from Albany. And since in a few weeks I’m being shipped back to my parents’ house about 30 miles south of the city, for an indefinite length of time, and since I’ve never been to a Dopefest, I was thinking maybe there should be one somewhere in Albany this summer?

I have no idea how these things get arranged, though. I’m just throwing this out there to see if there’s any response.

I’m all for a Capital Region Dopefest. Yay for racinchikki’s idea! :slight_smile:

You know what might be a cool venue for this? Park Playhouse in (I think) Washington Park – free entertainment and lots of restaurants in the area. However, I don’t think the Playhouse starts up until July, and I’m not sure when this summer people would want to get together, so… Anyway, I’m in for whatever/whenever. [sub]Maybe if we’re lucky a certain BamaDoper will be visiting me. ;)[/sub]

Well, I’d be in. But I’m shipping out in a week, to go home. So I’m not in during the summer. Sorry :frowning:


I’d be interested. Park Playhouse would be an interesting venue.

Okay, I’m just a newbie, but I can suggest a lot of cool things to do.* I’m downtown in Albany, NY.

Let me know when you all can get together, and I’ll find some stuff for you to do.

Just so you know, “Live at Five” sucks. It’s crappy bands playing for a bunch of loud drunks. Don’t bother.

Also, if you were hoping that the footbridge over I-787 connecting downtown to the Corning Preserve would be finished, I have bad news for you. It aint.

[sub]Who am I kidding. This is Albany.*

Oh, I’m only 19, so bars = generally not good for me.

I’m in. If it’s going to be in the summer why not come up to Lake George? Clean water, fresh air ahhh.