O RLY? [Birther leader Orly Taitz runs for Congress]

Ah, Oily nuttier-than-a-squirrel’s Taint. It just keeps getting better!

For not only is the Greasy Perineum running for office (and filing complaints against its opponent) - it has apparently also been appealing to the UN for protection.

Can’t make this shit up!
PS: Mods, if you think this thread is more suited for another forum, please feel free to move it.

Don’t these people normally hate the UN?

I’m glad the title explained so much about the thread.

Actually, I had a pretty good hunch it was going to be about her just from the title. My first thought was ok, what has the crazy bitch done now?

Being in the USA I guess you have heard of the person. I have never seen an article about her- I thought it was something to do with an airport in France or such. Even the original post didn’t help at all.

From the second article:

Re: Thread title. I think it’s fine. The thread could either have been about Orly Taitz, or it could have been that owl pic (or similar). Mouseover shows the entire OP, except part of the P.S.

Johnny LA, even the mouse over told me nothing. Without any knowledge of the subject what can you get from it?
It’s no big deal though. Just saying.

That’s understandable, since you’re not here. But you’d probably be in the same situation if her full name had been used, since you still wouldn’t know who she is.

There’s been some ‘title drama’ recently, and I’d hate to see a policy that requires titles to be so specific that they leave no room for wit. That’s all.

I didn’t mean to hijack the thread.

Perhaps all OPs should come with a one paragraph background, so that people who are not from the place where the topic occurred can understand, even if it is very well-known in that place.

Cicero, sorry, my bad. Guess I should have taken into consideration that the Taintmuppet isn’t so well-known outside the US.
I’m in Europe by the way, Luxembourg to be precise. And ever since I first read about Oily on the net, I can’t get enough of her batshit craziness!:slight_smile:
Though I personally never saw anything about her in a magazine or newspaper or on TV, it seems like she’s not completely unknown outside of America; Google turned up several German-language articles about her and her fellow birfers.

I changed the thread title, which was originally “O Rly?” I hope that clears things up.



I had to look up “perineum”- I didn’t know “taint” was slang for that particular region. Now I get the “Oily Taint” jokes- though I really don’t want to know how it got labeled “taint” in the first place.

'cause it taint yer groin and it taint yer arsehole!

T’aint yer balls, t’aint yer asshole…

Damn **Ender, **we even spelled yer the same…

Gotcha. That’s a lot less squicky than I thought it might be.

That’s one hell of a simulpost.