Oakminster, this is for you

RE: Oakminster, that he won’t by female products for his SO

From this thread Take it to the Pit
#1 I didn’t even see your post before I posted mine about –

#2. You’re an asshole.

Now that we have that out of the way.

You’re afraid to buy feminine products for some reason.

Men are not afraid to buy feminine products.

[George Carlin]Look at me! I’m buying tampons, I’VE GOT A GIRLFRIEND [/GC]

Get over it, and take care of your SO. That’s sort of the way it works.

Boy, don’t go in there if you’re a guy who won’t buy his girlfriend feminine hygene products. You will get you dick chopped off real good!
I try not to judge my hubby’s love on whether or not he’ll buy me pads. But then again, he has and probably will again. “They know it’s not for me.” he told our then 9 year old son.

But, no. If his girlfriend doesn’t care why should we. We’ve all got our personal hangups, you know. I mean, it would annoy me, sure, but I doubt it would be an absolute deal-breaker.

I didn’t realise manhood was judged by our willingness to buy tampons. Does that mean gay guys are automatically manly?

Honestly, though, that’s about as stupid as saying it takes a “real” man to join the army, own a gun, be sensitive, etc. etc. Sure, it may show a lack of consideration, but to address such a wounding comment (as “you’re not a real man!” type comments always are meant, despite their idiocy) on the basis of not buying tampons is probably the worst example of this yet.

I think it’s really weird to refuse, but whatever. I’m sure some people still abbreviate toilet paper as “TP” rather than say the words aloud, some women won’t buy condoms, and so on.

Fuck you you condescending piece of PC shit. Get over yourself already. You don’t know me, so don’t make assumptions. The post you decided to get snotty about contains an admission that I may be a caveman. If you can’t handle an opinion, originally expressed politely, that differs from your own, I pity you. Rational minds can differ.
As for the whole “Look at me, I have a girlfriend” crapola, I’d respond yeah, so do I…but she doesn’t make me buy fucking tampons. I’m old school. I don’t do the sensitive man horseshit. I’m not PC. I also smoke, fart, drink, scratch and curse. Deal with with it, or kiss my ass.

I really can’t imagine a stupider reason to pit somebody.

<waits for link to even stupider pit thread>

Man, talk about getting a royal welcome. Oakminster finds the Dope, dives right in, gets a good welcome, and then gets Pitted…all in his first week.


The new guy gets all the attention. :mad:

I’d pit you, silenus, but I like you too much.

Then let’s make this simple.

A real man or woman. Or any person, does not get squiked out about tiny little shit when it comes to taking care of their SO.

I can’t imagine what these so called men and women would do when the shit really hits the fan.

Run away screaming I guess.

I don’t believe in much of the older versions of what a ‘man’ should be. But I sure as shit will take care of my Wife.

A real man or woman, in a relationship actually has the fortitude to overcome even the bigger stuff.

Tampons. :rolleyes:

And we wonder why our new member count is dwindling. :rolleyes:

Seems like every guest ends up in the pit sooner or later these days. Granted, some of them of their own volition, but not this one. From what I’ve read I think that Oak would be a pretty good addition to the boards. Know what else? I buy tampons for my girlfriend and STILL think he’s ok.

You’re just making yourself sound more idiotic, enipla. Like you said, tampons aren’t a big deal. So why is the judgement of REAL MAN/WOMANHOOD based around this?

Does it perhaps get into your brain that someone who wouldn’t buy tampons, a small difficulty, might, when the shit hits the fan, be reasonably capable? I’m sure Oakminster, and indeed most people, would be quite prepared to protect their partners/kids with their lives; but no, it’s sanitary products that are the REAL MAN/WOMAN clincher!

I like Oakminister, too, and am sorry he was welcomed to the boards this way. FTR, I think it’s kind of silly too that he won’t, but if his girlfriend doesn’t care who the hell are we to butt in?

Besides, my definition of a real man, as **RT **says, is a lot more profound and can’t really be expressed in one sentence. Other than maybe “Stands true to himself, thick and thin.”

This is worth a Pitting? Geez!

:: (runs out to buy tampons so people will think he has a girlfriend) ::

I don’t think your OP went over anyone’s head, here. We all pretty much got it. We just think it’s stupid. Is he refusing to buy pads for you? No? Then get the fuck over yourself. It’s not your problem, and pitting the guy for it makes you look like a jackass.

Well damn. Now I gotta work babyface. I was so in a mood for a shocking heel turn, but the fans won’t allow it. Such is the price of glory. :smiley:

I like kittens. I will kick the ass of any person/thing/entity that threatens the safety of those close to me. I’ll jump start your car on a cold rainy night. In dire emergency, I will even fight the dreaded tampon monster, but I ain’t gonna do it on a regular basis. I also don’t each quiche.


My type-fu is weak. Obviously, I don’t eat quiche.

Everybody has hangups, but why make other people suffer for them? My brothers refuse to change rolls of toilet paper; that one really confuses me.

I thought the point was that enipla claims to have not seen Oakminster’s post, and did not mean to offend. Oakminster was offended. Herin lies the problem, not the “real men buy tampons” segment.
I’m confused now. Whatever. Continue pitting.

But he’s not making anyone else “suffer” for him! It’s not as though he’s saying she can’t have tampons in the house, or he doesn’t want to see them. All he’s asking is that she be prepared. And as I keep saying, if the girlfriend is with him, then that’s her choice to “suffer”. And until we actually live with him and are in dire pain from our cramps and he still refuses to go out, I see no reason to Pit him.

The toilet paper is a little different, of course - everyone uses it and of course they should change it. Are they just lazy or they actually say “I won’t.”