Obama and Trump meet in White House


What a refreshing contrast to the baying mobs in the streets yelling “Not my President”. Yes, Trump will be their President and if they can’t accept that then they don’t have a clue what the USA is about and why its political process is so enduring.

I heard there was initially a little mix-up about the press that had to be straightened out. Anyone know anything about that?

Yeah, Obama wants to do a joint interview after the meeting and Trump wants them jailed. :smiley:

Obama gavea speech commenting on the transition process and he had praise for the efforts of the GWB administration in this regard. He said, in essence, that he hopes his administration will use that as an example for the transition process so the Trump administration can hit the ground running.

For that extra burst of speed toward the cliff.

Maybe the fact that the new VP believes in Conversion Therapy and the problem with the appointment of religious right-wing activist ken Blackwell as domestic policy lead makes them think that maybe Trump doesn’t want to be their president?

Actually Trump has never had a problem with the gay, etc community and I can’t see him suddenly changing that as President.

It doesn’t fucking matter if Trump doesn’t have a problem with the gay(and on this matter you believe him? Why?). Read the link I provided-The person HE PUT IN CHARGE OF DOMESTIC POLICY has a major fucking problem with “the gay”, and has solid plans to deal with “the gay” and quite a few other groups that offend his right-wing Christian sensibilities.

I wonder how Obama feels having to be cordial and deferential to a man who spent years spreading racist conspiracy theories about his birth certificate. Good times.

He won’t tell him about the hidden microphones.

One man hopes the honor and dignity will rub off.
The other man is afraid it will.

The fact that Trump will soon receive* a classified intelligence briefing every day* is terrifying.

Or maybe he will.

The fact that he chose Mike Pence as his running mate shows he very clearly does.

My gut feeling is that it was a decision that was imposed on him, not one that he preferred. Given the choice I think he would have preferred one of the three stooges: Christie, Giuliani, or Gingrich.

Speaking of protestors I wonder how many are legitimate or paid flunkies like this CNN cameraman moonlighting as a protester. Donald Trump Election Protest: Bro Dude's Epic Live TV Meltdown on CNN - YouTube

He’s not allowed to have an opinion as a private citizen? He’s a cameraman, not an on-air person.

It appears the on scene journalist didn’t know him.
Or are you claiming CNN set this up and didn’t tell Don to shut up?

I’m not a mind reader but it looks fishy.

I kinda hope Obama made an obvious and elaborate show of drenching his hands in Purell after shaking hands with Trump.

Probably terrifying to him, too. That’s what, 10-15 minutes he’ll have to pay attention to something?